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What is an F1X Pomsky?

We are often asked, what is an F1X Pomsky and what is the size of an F1X Pomsky full grown? This is one of the most common questions we receive. It’s such a common question that we asked one of our member breeders, Mischa of Brookside Pomsky, to provide a detailed breakdown of the various generations of the Pomsky. This is one part of our Pomsky Generation series, you can see the other Pomsky Generation blogs below:

This article is brought to you from Mischa Nelson, the owner of Brookside Pomsky, one of the most knowledgeable Pomsky breeders we know.

F1X Pomsky Puppy

An F1X is when a Pomsky is crossed with an American Eskimo dog and or German Spitz. You can have both breeds or just one breed crossed with a Pomsky in order for it to be considered an f1x.

F1X Pomsky Full Grown

The size of a full grown adult Pomsky varies on a number of different factors.

Pomsky generation does not guarantee size. The size of an F1X Pomsky full grown is based on the size of the parents, not based on the generation.

A good breeder wont guarantee size, but they can tell you a Pomsky puppies expected adult weight based on current weight, past puppies, and experience. As an example, at Brookside Pomsky we had two F2 puppies leave our home at 8 weeks old, both weighing 3 lbs. Their full grown weights were very different. One ended up full grown weighing only 12 lbs, and the other weighed 22 lbs when full grown. Both dogs where completely healthy, and while this could be a case of over feeding or free feeding, that was not the case in this scenario. This goes to show that the size of a Pomsky can vary.

Pomsky Generation Chart

Pomsky Generation Chart - F1 Pomsky F2 Pomsky F3 Pomsky


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Special Thanks

A special thank you to Mischa Nelson of Brookside Pomsky for writing this wonderful article on an important topic. If you are looking for a Pomsky, I highly recommend reaching out to Mischa. She is one of the top breeders in the Pomsky community. You can contact Mischa through any of the below methods:

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