Owning a Pomsky is tough. From chewing, to the high energy, to the digging…Owning a Pomsky can be a full time job. We know what it’s like. And we are here to help. Click the button below to be download your free Pomsky training guide. We will help you with everything from training, to managing the high energy, to tips and tricks to owning a Pomsky.
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Pomsky Training Book

The Complete Guide To Pomsky Training: Pomsky training from start to finish

The Pomeranian Husky can be a difficult breed to train. This mix between a Husky and Pomeranian is highly energetic, strong willed, easily distracted, and nippy. Puppy training is difficult no matter the breed, but Pomskies, in particular, can be extremely difficult to train if not handled correctly. The Pomsky Owners Association brings together a team of Pomsky trainers, Pomsky breeders and Pomsky owners to deliver the ultimate guide to training a Pomsky puppy. In this renowned guide we deliver tips, tricks and step by step instructions to train your Pomsky including:

  • The best method for Pomsky training
  • How to keep your Pomsky engaged
  • Teach your Pomsky commands (11 commands in total)
  • Manage your Pomskies high energy
  • Correct your Pomskies behavioral issues
  • Teach your Pomsky to walk on leash and off leash
  • How to potty train your Pomsky
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Pomsky Training Videos

The videos below are from our friends at The Online Dog Trainer.

We are happy to have this incredible partnership with Dan, otherwise known as “Doggy Dan”, the world famous dog trainer of Dan has allowed the POA to use his proprietary puppy training content and videos. He has provided us with videos from his online training courses for FREE to help Pomsky owners around the world with training the perfect puppy.

Dan has shared with us his video training material FOR FREE to help solve some of the most common difficulties of owning and training a Pomsky such as engagement, obeying the owner, walking on leash, barking, chewing, and much more!

Video #1 – Leash Walking Training

In Part 1 of Dan’s training video he teaches us a couple techniques to teach your Pomsky to walk on leash without pulling.

Video #2 – Engagement and Puppy Training

In Part 2 of Dan’s training video he teaches us a couple techniques to train your puppy, train engagement, teach your puppy to always pay attention to you, and how to introduce your dog to other dogs.

Video #3 – Dog Aggression Training

In Part 3 of Dan’s training video he teaches us a couple exercises and techniques to help with Pomsky aggression. These techniques and exercise will help with your Pomsky’s aggression towards other dogs, humans, or animals.

Video #4 – Stop Pomsky Barking

In Part 4 of Dan’s training video he teaches us a couple techniques to calm your Pomsky when they are barking, agitated, or aggressive. Dan gives a real life example of calming an aggressive barking dog that barks at new visitors that enter the owner’s property.

Video #5 – Become The Leader

In Part 5 of Dan’s training video he teaches us how to train a stubborn dog. In this video he shows a few techniques that you can use to ensure you are the leader in your household. This ensures that your Pomsky does not run the house, and ensures that you are in charge so your Pomsky will always listen to you.

Video #3 – Dog Aggression Training

In Part 3 of Dan’s training video he teaches us a couple exercises and techniques to help with Pomsky aggression. These techniques and exercise will help with your Pomsky’s aggression towards other dogs, humans, or animals.

Stop Pomsky Chewing

Pomskies love to chew. And they have strong teeth, so they can do some damage to your home! This video is for the Pomsky owner that just can’t get their Pomsky to stop chewing.

Keep Pomsky Puppy Out Of Room

Does your Pomsky hover around the dinner table? Is your Pomsky always around your feet in the kitchen? Do you want to teach your Pomsky to stay out of a certain room in your home? This video is for you.

Teach Pomsky Puppy To Swim

Pomskies love to swim! But your pup might be scared of water. This video is for you outdoor loving Pomsky owners that want your pup to love water and swimming as much as you do.

Pomsky Puppy Car Training

Is your Pomsky puppy timid or scared of the car? Does your Pomsky potty, yip, or get energetic in the car?In this video Dan teaches us the proper way to introduce your Pomsky to a car so that your Pomsky will love car rides.


Please note. All of the below videos are the property of The Online Dog Trainer. We are not Dan of The Online Dog Trainer. Dan is not a member of the Pomsky Owners Association. We are using these videos and Dan’s training classes with the permission of Dan. Dan has allowed us to use The Online Dog Trainer courses and content on our website.

Free Potty Training Course

Another free bonus from Dan (The Online Dog Trainer).

Dan is giving our Pomsky owners free access to his Potty Training Course.

It’s completely free for our members. In this course Dan teaches us how to stop a puppy from peeing on the carpet and how to get them fully potty trained (the quick and easy way). In Dan’s free course he teaches us:

  • The perfect potty routine and schedule.
  • How to train “bathroom shy” puppies.
  • How to motivate your puppy to go every time you go out.
  • How to ensure your puppy sleeps through the night without pottying in the house.
  • How to keep your potty training on track.
  • How to get your puppy to potty in just one place that you choose.
  • A complete video walk-through of a live consultation so you can watch Dan’s process as he trains a puppy to never have an “accident” again.

Free Obedience Training Course

We are happy to announce an incredible partnership with Dan and The Online Dog Trainer team. Dan and the team have given us permission to give our subscribers access to his proprietary four part training course teaching you the quick and easy way to an obedient dog for FREE.

I highly recommend you checkout Dan’s course, it’s free to download. This course covers important training topics and breaks down Dan’s method that he uses to get your Pomsky to CHOOSE to obey you every time. In Dan’s free course he teaches us:

  • Why most Dog Training methods set you up to fail.
  • Why food bribes and clickers to train your dog doesn’t work long term.
  • Why using force, fear, and aggression does not work to train your Pomsky.
  • Why you don’t have to spend hours training your dog.
  • How to teach your dog to CHOOSE to obey you and follow your commands.

We are very excited about this new partnership with Doggy Dan. I personally have been using and recommending this website for years, but now we get to share their work with our Pomsky owners!

I personally used Dan’s free obedience training course for my dogs. I highly recommend you check it out. It made a huge difference in training my stubborn puppy. I personally love his “timeout” method. It’s helped me train my dog to stop digging, stop chewing, and stop barking. You can learn the “timeout” method in Dan’s free obedience course.


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