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Stop Your Pomsky From Jumping

Introduction – Pomsky Jumping

Learning how to stop a Pomsky puppy from jumping up is something you need to teach early on in the Pomsky’s life.

Jumping is a very natural behavior for Pomsky puppies. This is something puppies do to get attention. It’s something wolves and dogs do in the wild to get fed.

You need to show your Pomsky puppy that it will not get attention when it jumps. This is something that you need to begin teaching from a very early age. It might seem like fun now when your puppy weighs 5lbs, but when your Pomsky grows to be 20 – 30lbs and can jump 3 feet high it won’t be too much fun for you or your guests.

If you do not stop the jumping when your Pomsky is a puppy, then when your Pomsky grows to an adult, jumping becomes a dominant display of demanding your attention.

Teaching Pomsky Not To Jump

Teaching your Pomsky not to jump is simple.

When your puppy is jumping up on you, simply turn and walk away. Ignore your puppy. No eye contact, no speaking, and no touching. Just cross your arms, turn your back, and walk away.

Continue this until your Pomsky is no longer jumping. Ignore your Pomsky until they calm down.

Then, after your Pomsky puppy has calmed down and is no longer jumping, wait an additional five minutes and let the Pomsky sit calmly without attention.

Then, after the five minutes is up, call your Pomsky puppy to you and reward your Pomsky with lots of pets and praise for being calm. You are teaching your Pomsky that they will not be rewarded with attention if they jump. If they jump, they don’t get attention. But, if they sit and calmly wait, they will be rewarded.

If your Pomsky does not stop jumping, even after you fully ignore your dog, then use the timeout method. Calmly and carefully (without force) isolate your Pomsky puppy by either leaving the room or by putting the puppy in another room such as a bedroom or bathroom to sit and calm down for a few minutes. After a few minutes, after the Pomsky is calm, then call your Pomsky to you. Repeat this process until your puppy is calm and not jumping, then reward with praise and pets.

This timeout method is a big difficult to explain through text. We learned this method from Doggy Dan, the famous dog trainer. I recommend you download Dan’s free obedience training course where he teaches you the timeout method and shows you an example of how to use the timeout method.

Pomsky Jumping On Guests

If your Pomsky is jumping on your guests that visit your house, then ask your guests to be involved in the training.

Ask your guests to do the same “ignore” training that we touched on above.

When your puppy is jumping on your guests, have your guest turn and walk away. The guest should ignore your puppy. No eye contact, no speaking, and no touching. Have your guest continue this until your Pomsky is no longer jumping. Then, once your Pomsky is calm, have your guest wait five minutes with the Pomsky sitting calmly without attention. After the five minutes is up, have your guest happily call the Pomsky (use the recall command) and reward the Pomsky with pets and praise. Use the timeout method if the Pomsky does not calm down or stop jumping.

It may help if you hold your Pomsky by its collar or on a leash until they relax, then release the puppy once they are calm. If your Pomsky is still not calm, or tries to bite you, then immediately use the timeout method and let your Pomsky sit quietly to calm down.

Pomsky Jumping Before Walk

If your Pomsky is overly energetic and jumping on you when you are getting ready for the walk, then use a similar training method. Simply put the leash down and wait for 10 minutes until your puppy is calm. Then try again. Do not reward the Pomsky with a walk until they are calm and not jumping.

Sit Training

Another trick that helps to deter jumping is to train your Pomsky puppy to sit for everything.  If you can get your Pomsky to practice lots of “sits” then the Pomsky’s default behavior will be to sit when they want attention. That is much better than jumping! You do not need to ignore your Pomsky for sitting and waiting calmly for attention. That deserves a reward if they are not jumping. That is behavior you want to reinforce.

Pomsky Jumping Training – Important Concepts

It is really important not to speak, pet, or make eye contact when your Pomsky jumps up. Just stay calm and do not say a word.

Remember, your Pomsky is an attention-seeking machine! Any attention you give your Pomsky indicates that the puppy will be rewarded for jumping.

You need to understand that your puppy’s jumping is not its way of saying “I love you”. This is a sign of dominance. It is a sign that you Pomsky is the pack leader. Space is very important to a dog. If your Pomsky can invade your space and jump on you at any time, then the dog will lose respect for you.

Remember, when you are ignoring your puppy, keep your arms folded and walk past the puppy confidently and assertively. Don’t stop and give attention. When your Pomsky puppy is calm, then you can call your Pomsky and pick them up for a cuddle.

These are the two most common mistakes that we see that lead to adult dogs jumping:

  • Inconsistency – Failing to use the “ignore” method every time. If you are giving your Pomsky attention when they jump, even if you just give attention sometimes, you are not being consistent.
  • Eye contact – People make eye contact. This invites your puppy to come over and play. Do not make eye contact, focus on something else. You want to fully ignore your Pomsky.

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