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Are You A Pomsky Breeder?

  • Do you want to be known as one of the most reputable Pomsky breeders in your state and in the country?
  • Are you trying to reach more Pomsky shoppers but struggling to fill up that waiting list?
  • Want to get your litter in front of thousands of dog lovers looking for the perfect Pomsky?
  • Do you want to link with other Pomsky breeders and owners around the world to help promote and acknowledge the Pomsky breed?

Answer “Yes” to any of these questions? The Pomsky Owners Association Is For You.

Become an official registered breeder of the Pomsky Owners Association today.
Get your litters published in front of thousands of Pomsky shoppers. Be listed and recommended as one of the most reputable Pomsky breeders in the industry. And join a network of hundreds of Pomsky Breeders and Owners as an official member of the Pomsky Owners Association.
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Who Can Become A Member?

This application is for Pomsky breeders looking to become a registered member of the Pomsky Owners Association.

What Do I Get As A Member?

Listed on our approved breeders page

Dedicated POA membership page (click here for an example)

Listed on applicable state pages

Litter listings on our available Pomskies page (Silver or Gold Membership Only)

Email blasts about your available Pomskies sent to our thousands of shopping subscribers (Gold Membership Only)

Available Pomsky updates on our Facebook page (Gold Membership Only)

Opportunity to be quoted in POA publications (see training blog for example)

Opportunity to be quoted in our book publications (such as our training book)

Opportunity to be hosted on the Pomsky 101 Podcast

Opportunity to participate in future projects bettering the Pomsky breed

Opportunity to voice your opinion on Pomsky related matters affecting breeders

Inside access to the Pomsky Owners Association and everything we are working on

What Is The POA

Our Goal

Our goal is to continue weeding out the fake Pomsky websites and Pomsky scammers by creating an open source of real Pomsky owners and breeders, where all Pomsky lovers can come together to share accurate information. We strive to gather and publish as much information as possible to weed out the scammers, fake websites, fake photos and slanderous opinions. Our vision is for continued and sustainable growth of the Pomsky breed. This starts with education; educating both the consumer and new Pomsky breeders. The Pomsky breed is quickly becoming one of the most popular dog breeds, this is both exciting and dangerous because with the popularity comes unethical breeders and scammers. Our goal is to continue growing our base of reputable member breeders to the point where ethical breeding and sales become the norm. There needs to be less focus on selling and more focus on educating owners, breeding a healthy dog and finding the perfect home for each Pomsky. We will continue to work each day until this future becomes reality.

Why Become A Member?

Members of the Pomsky Owners Association are the best of the best. Our members are required to abide by a strict code of ethics ensuring that each member strives to better the Pomsky breed, acts truthfully when dealing with consumers, practices ethical sales tactics and prioritizes education of the Pomsky breed above all else. As a member of the Pomsky Owners Association you are joining an elite group of reputable Pomsky breeders and certifying yourself as one of the best in the industry.

How We Help Breeders

Pomsky Owners Association strives to benefit the breeder as much as the consumer. We strive to help each consumer find the perfect Pomsky from the perfect breeder; we work tirelessly to promote our member breeders because we know that a happy health Pomsky starts with the breeder. By connecting Pomsky shoppers to our reputable Pomsky breeders we’re able to further promote the long term health and wellbeing of the Pomsky breed and we’re able to assists in the process of placing Pomskies in the perfect home.

How We Help Shoppers and Owners

It’s tough to find a perfect and reputable breeder; unfortunately the Pomsky world is littered with scams and unethical breeders (puppy mills). It’s our mission to deter scams, weed out the inaccurate Pomsky information and promote the good breeders so everyone shopping for a Pomsky can find the perfect breeder to deliver the perfect Pomsky. This is why our breeders go through a complex screening process, to ensure that only the best of the best join our elite group of Pomsky breeders.


In addition to promoting and monitoring our reputable Pomsky breeders we publish reputable Pomsky content to assist the Pomsky consumer in their Pomsky buying process. Since we are an association of Pomsky owners and breeders, our publications come from the most knowledgeable source, the Pomsky breeder. Our publications (blogs, videos, and podcasts) go through a thorough verification process to ensure that we publish reliable and useful content to help the Pomsky consumer.

Our association now consists of 80+ reputable Pomsky breeders. We’re working every day to position ourselves in a way to better serve the best Pomsky breeders (those that are members of the APKC or IPA) and the Pomsky consumer. We look to our members for new ideas and projects that we can take on to help the community, as the breeders know best about what’s needed to make a difference.

Steps To Becoming A Member

Hopefully this sounds like an association you would like to be part of! These are the steps to become an approved breeder of the Pomsky Owners Association. Please enroll below to begin your application process.

  • Step 1: You must be a member of an approved breed club (APKC or IPA) or Good Dog (gooddog.com
  • Step 2: Choose and enroll in your membership below. Click here.
  • Step 3: Complete the final application form that you will be redirected to after enrolling. In this form you will:
    • Confirm membership to the APKC, IPA, or Good Dog
    • Provide information that our team will use to set up your membership page and introduce you to our subscribers
    • Accept the membership terms and conditions
    • Agree to abide by our code of ethics
  • Step 4: You must display the membership badge on your website, which we will provide
  • Step 5: You must pass our web audit (we’ll review your website and social pages for red flags)

Important Prerequisite for POA Breeder Membership

Are you a member of either the APKC, IPA or Good Dog? Unfortunately, we only accept breeders that are members of an approved Pomsky breed club or Good Dog. The two premier Pomsky breed clubs are:

  • American Pomsky Kennel Club (APKC)
  • International Pomsky Association (IPA)

The reason for this is because Pomsky Owners Association focuses primarily on the relationship between the consumer and the breeder, we don’t have the necessary resources to validate the reputability of each breeder which is why we leave that to the Pomsky breeder clubs (APKC and IPA) and Good Dog. There are a lot of unethical Pomsky breeders. The APKC, IPA, and Good Dog do a great job weeding out these bad breeders which is why we only promote these breeders to our subscribers.

If you are not yet a member of the APKC, IPA or Good Dog, we highly recommend you reach out and inquire about approval. These two clubs do a great job of promoting the best Pomsky breeders; as long as you’re implementing ethical breeding practices and promoting the long-term health of the breed you will have no problem getting approved.

Apply Today

Ready to apply? Please start by choosing your membership plan below. Once you choose a membership plan and checkout, you will be redirected to an application form where we will collect your information to review your breeder credentials, conduct our web audit, and create your membership page.

We attempt to reply to all applications within 48 hours.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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