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Pomeranian or Pomsky: What Breed is Better for Your Family?

So you have been thinking about getting a canine pal? And you have heard about the Pomeranian, and the hybrid referred to as Pomsky, and believe that they can make great pets, but you are not sure which can be the best addition to your home? Well, all dog breeds can bring great joy to any home, but every pet owner has his/her preferences. We have prepared this comparison between the Pomeranian and Pomsky to help you make your decision. After all, knowing more about these breeds can help you determine which is a better fit for your family. Click here to know more about hypoallergenic dogs.

Pomeranian vs. Pomsky

Pomeranians are a purebred dog that originated from Germany, while Pomsky is a designer breed that originated from the United States. Pomsky is a cross between the Siberian Husky and Pomeranian; therefore, it’s bigger than the Pomeranian in size and weight. The Pomsky is 23 pounds heavier than the Pomeranian. And thanks to the Siberian Husky genes in them, Pomskies tend to grow about 5 inches higher than Pomeranians.

What Are Pomeranians?

Pomeranian also referred to as Pom, is a toy dog breed that is believed to be the descendant of the huge Spitz-type breeds, particularly the German Spitz. The Pomeranian is an ancient breed and according to the study, conducted by the paper writing service, it that is thought to have been in existence even in 1764. And it’s believed to have gotten its name from its place of origin, Pomerania, Northern Poland, and northeastern parts of Germany. Poms are athletic, lively, and bright dogs that are always up for adventures; therefore, they need a diet suitable for Pomeranians.

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What Are Pomskies?

Pomskies are beautiful small-sized wolf-like creatures that can bring joy into your home. Pomsky is a new designer dog breed that’s believed to have originated from the United States in 2009. Pomskies are currently one of the most sought after designer breeds on the planet.

The Difference Between Pomeranians and Pomskies


The Pomeranians are sweet, small-sized creatures with bright little faces, while Pomskies have a wolf-like small-sized face. In terms of facial appearance, the Pomskies typically resemble the Siberian Huskies more than the Pomeranians. The Poms can attain a maximum weight of about 7 pounds while the Pomskies weigh about 30 pounds but have a wide range depending on genetics. Poms’ height ranges from 7 to 12 inches, while the Pomskies are between 10 to 15 inches tall.

The Poms are compact small-sized fluff balls with a fox-like appearance and erected ears. Poms come with well-feathered tails that tend to curl upwards over their backs. On the other hand, Pomskies look like small-sized huskies, but there can be some variation between the pups in terms of temperament and looks in any litter.

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Poms have a thick and spritely coat with the fur standing up instead of lying flat, while Pomskies have a soft double coat that keeps them warm and comfortable in icy temperatures. Poms come in a wide range of colors, with the most common ones being orange, reddish, tan, and a mix of black and cream tan. Pomskies’ coats come in a wide range of colors, with the common ones being black and white, white, or grey and white.


Unlike Pomskies, the Pomeranians are true extroverts that love being around people. Poms are social, loyal, loving, feisty, eager, and bright creatures with a huge personality. Poms are very intelligent pets that are full of fun. Poms tend to be aloof with strangers, which is what makes them excellent watchdogs. But, since you will be taking them outside for their daily walks, proper training and early socialization are mandatory. Proper training can guarantee you that they will be well-behaved when around new people. Poms get along with friends, children, and even other pets in the house.

On the other hand, Pomskies are clownish dogs that can be very entertaining and amusing. Pomskies are vocal, and they don’t make great apartment dogs as they whine and howl a bit. Pomskies can fit perfectly in the countryside and city life, but make sure you don’t live near your neighbors. Unlike the Pomeranians, the Pomskies can be nervous around strangers; therefore, proper training and early socialization are mandatory.

Grooming and Exercises

The Poms have a thick double coat that sheds constantly; therefore, you need a decent brush to take care of their coats. However, some people prefer taking their Pomeranians to a professional groomer to have their coats cut. Pomeranians are energetic creatures that are always anxious to play or take a walk.

Pomskies have a thick coat that sheds a bit, so you should be ready to brush their coats twice per week to keep it shiny and vibrant. Pomskies are energetic dogs that need a lot of exercises; Pomskies need more than just the evening walks; this breed loves playing Frisbee and ball games. Therefore, they are not the best option for people who don’t have time to take them outside for walks or play with them. After all, energetic breeds can get destructive, frustrated, and bored if not taken for their daily walks.

Pet Friendliness

If you have other pets in your home, then you will require a dog that will get along with them.

If you have cats, then you should go for a very cat-friendly dog. Pomeranians love cats, while Pomskies can also be great towards them. But just notice, when you’re considering bringing a Pomsky into a home with cats, it’s essential to assess the individual Pomsky’s temperament and past experiences with cats, if possible. Additionally, supervise their interactions carefully at the beginning to ensure a positive and safe environment for both the Pomsky and the cats.

If you have birds, you should get a dog that is bird-friendly (Pomeranians may do better). If you have other dogs in the house, you will be better off with Pomskies, which are more dog-friendly than Pomeranians. After all, every pet parent wants all their pets to get along.

Final Thoughts

Poms and Pomskies are great energetic dogs that make great house pets (sometimes difficult when you are trying to study like me…). However, all pet owners have their preferences. Some people love small active dogs, while others prefer less energetic dogs that get along with everyone in the house. So, whatever you decide, make sure you select a breed that can fit perfectly into your home and lifestyle. Remember, Pomskies are more kid-friendly than Pomeranians. But most importantly, both these breeds are not considered to be hypoallergenic. So if anyone in your household has pet allergies, then you should stay away from these breeds. You will be better off with a hypoallergenic breed.

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