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How much do pomsky puppies cost?

The price of a pomsky ranges between $1,500 to $6,000, based on the quality of the puppy and breeder.

The price of pomskies ranges based on the size, quality and characteristics of the puppy. Puppies with more distinct colors and markings of a Siberian husky are likely to cost more. Smaller pomskies with blue eyes also tend to cost closer to $5,000.

Why do pomskies cost so much?

Supply and demand. Just like any business transaction, the price of a pomsky is dependent upon the supply and demand of the puppies.

Pomskies are in very high demand but not many reputable breeders are breeding pomskies, meaning a quality breeder can charge a very high premium for a pomsky and people are still willing to pay!

As Mike from Purely Pomskies mentions in our Pomsky pricing podcast episode, other factors that go into the cost of Pomskies include:

  • High start up costs for breeders (cost of good dogs, artificial insemination for first generation breeding, etc.)
  • Ongoing costs (better breeders probably spend more)
  • Time, time, time – good breeders spend time socializing and potty training puppies
  • Reputation of breeders
  • Pomsky color, markings, size, etc.

Other expenses for buyers

Other costs of buying a pomsky include:

  • Deposit – most breeders charge a deposit to join the waiting list (this deposit is applied towards the cost of buying your pomsky)
  • Travel expenses – there aren’t many pomsky breeders, so you will likely need to travel to pick up your puppy or pay to have your breeder deliver the puppy
  • Veterinary care – be sure your puppy has all the proper shots and vaccinations!
  • Registration – you must register your pomsky with your local municipality

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Pomsky Scams

A pomsky costing much lower than $1,500 is likely a scam, so beware! Make sure your breeder is an approved breeder that provides DNA proof of the pomsky.

Common characteristics of a pomsky scam:

  • Price is lower than $1,500
  • No deposit required
  • Breeder is more concerned with money than they are with educating you about pomskies
  • Pomsky is sold on an auction website

We require all of our approved pomsky breeders to provide DNA proof of their pomsky breeding.

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