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If you have ever deeply searched the internet for Pomskies, you’ve probably seen them priced anywhere from $500 to $7,000 (beware of when pricings is below $1,500!). This can be confusing as a shopper.

Joining the Pomsky 101 Podcast in this episode is Mike Johnson from Purely Pomskies out of the Virginia. In addition to talking all things Pomsky pricing, the love and care that Mike has for breeding Pomskies is contagious in this episode. 

By the end of the episode, you’ll understand all the factors that go into Pomsky pricing. It will help you better understand the price range you should be looking at when dealing with purchasing a legitimate Pomsky from a reputable breeder. You’ll also know the right questions to ask that can help you compare breeder prices and what you are getting from each breeder.

What You’ll Learn

  • The range of Pomsky pricing and watching out for scams. (1:39)
  • Are Pomskies actually expensive? (5:15)
  • Why are designer dog breeds more expensive. (7:50)
  • Understanding the costs of breeding Pomskies. (10:32)
  • Why do prices differ within a litter? (15:56)
  • Questions to ask in relation to pricing. (18:45)
  • Current and future pricing. (23:00)
  • Final Pomsky pricing thoughts from Mike. (28:04)
  • 1-minute speed-round questions. (30:44)

(The Pomsky 101 Podcast is the official podcast of the Pomsky Owners Association)

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