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Finding the right Pomsky breeder is crucial for the happiness and success of the relationship you have with your Pomsky.

Joining the Pomksy 101 Podcast today is Zaidy Tjelmeland from SZ Pomskies, one of the first Pomsky breeders in the country. Take a listen as we discuss how to find a breeder that produces quality Pomskies and that can be an ongoing resource for you and your pup. This episode is more than just avoiding scams and puppy mills, but mostly about going above and beyond to find the right breeder for YOU.

What You’ll Learn

  • Importance of the right breeder and first question to ask – Embark testing results. (3:57)
  • Questions to ask breeders. (7:53)
  • Best ways to get to know breeders. (8:50)
  • Is location is important? (10:44)
  • Factoring compatibility of the buyer and breeder. (13:02)
  • More questions and red flags to be aware of for scams and puppy mills. (14:39)
  • 1-minute round of questions. (23:18)

(The Pomsky 101 Podcast is the official podcast of the Pomsky Owners Association)

Resources Mentioned