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Pomskies are full of energy! It’s part of what makes them so fun to be around. But channeling that Pomsky energy is important to the health of your Pomsky and the success of the relationship with your pup.

Joining the Pomksy 101 Podcast today is Chree Martin from Mountain Shadow Pomskies, among the first Pomsky breeders in the country. Chree has been a member of the Pomsky Owners Association for years and has contributed to so many good resources. In this episode, she talks all about how to channel your Pomsky’s energy. This will lead to positive, healthy behavior that both you and your Pomsky will love!

What You’ll Learn

  • What causes Pomsky energy? (1:44)
  • Positives and negatives of Pomsky energy. (2:24)
  • Tips and tricks for channeling energy – environment, physical and mental stimulation (3:52)
  • Pomskies and ideas – both have energy! (15:37)
  • High energy and destructive behavior. (17:30)
  • Understanding Pomsky energy before getting one. (18:37)
  • 1-minute round of questions. (25:08)

(The Pomsky 101 Podcast is the official podcast of the Pomsky Owners Association)

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