Ed Williams Pomsky Scam Breakdown – Tips/Tricks To Identify Scam

Pomsky Video - Tips and Tricks to Identify a Pomsky Scam

In this video:

In this video, we walk through the Ed Williams Pomsky website and point out the red flags that indicate this website is a scam. Including:

  • Fake Pomsky Club of America badge
  • Reverse Google image search showing stolen pomsky photos
  • Testimonial search showing fake testimonials
  • Pomsky information stolen from other websites
  • Way Back Machine to verify when the website was created

This video accompanies our blog post breaking down the Ed Williams Pomskies scam. This is a real scam that cost a pomsky shopper nearly $800. Click here to see the email communications back and forth between the consumer and Ed Williams leading up to the scam. Follow the steps outlined in this video to determine if any pomsky website is a scam.

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