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Dogs make for incredible companions. Even if their lifespans aren’t that long, the memories they create with you can last for many decades. For this reason, people came up with the bright idea of crossbreeding to create dogs with specific characteristics. One of the most hyped mixed breeds is Pomskies.

Through artificial insemination, first generation Pomskies are parented by a Siberian husky mother and a Pomeranian father. Given how both breeds are well-loved by the community, Pomskies’ popularity didn’t come as a surprise. Although plenty of resources provide help for new puppy owners, taking care of Pomsky puppies might bring a lot of surprises you’re not cut out for.

Here are some things aspiring owners must be aware of about Pomskies.

Look for Reputable Breeders

Mixed breeds undergo careful reproductive processes before breeders achieve the desired results. Breeding huskies and Pomeranians together isn’t simple or interchangeable. It requires knowledgeable, ethical breeders that put time and effort into developing the breed properly.

So, healthy Pomsky puppies are hard to come by through normal means. For example, some pet stores may sell Pomsky puppies cheaply. Or you may find cheap puppies on the internet. But the bargain isn’t worth all the trouble unhealthy puppies come with, or sometimes, you may not even be purchasing a Pomsky! While you can do your research to scout out responsible breeders, we highly recommend relying on the list of reputable breeders from Pomsky organizations like the Pomsky Owners Association or American Pomsky Kennel Club.

Regular Grooming

Siberian huskies are known for their thick coats to withstand the cold. Pomeranians may not have coats as thick as a husky’s but still possess luscious fur. Put them together, and it’s only natural for Pomskies to inherit double coats.

New puppy owners must get used to grooming their Pomskies. Because without a routine, they’re susceptible to matting. And for those sensitive to messes, summer is the worst time of year since fur babies shed the most during warm seasons.

Aside from managing your Pomsky’s coat, ensure you’ve cared for the rest of their body. After all, their fur isn’t the only thing that requires maintenance. Bathe them at least once a month to remove most dirt clinging to their body. Brush their teeth once a week to keep any cavities and other oral problems at bay. Check on their ears, and clean them at least twice a month to prevent any infestations or infections.

Pomskies Love To Play

Even if your Pomsky grows out of their puppy phase, they will still remain active, being known as one of the most active mixed breeds. While that makes them a perfect playmate for kids—not to mention an excellent gym buddy—their active lifestyle is often double-edged. They could quickly get bored from inactivity. So once they’re left to their devices without social stimulation, they would likely chew on furniture or run around to release excess energy.

For those out of the house most of the time, consider hiring a pet walker to take your Pomsky outside. If you have a friend with free time, ask them to come over so they can play with your dog. Avoid letting your Pomsky loose in your yard, no matter what. Finding ways to escape your property might be next on their list of ‘fun ways to spend time.’

They Possess Incredible Intelligence

As if a Pomsky puppy’s high energy level isn’t enough, they also possess sufficient intelligence to learn many tricks to outsmart their owners or playmates. Dog enthusiasts might not be surprised since huskies and Pomeranians are well-known for their cleverness. Not to mention, Siberian huskies can quickly pick up language since they’re not afraid to express their feelings.

Although, this incredible intelligence comes with a minor inconvenience that might deter new dog owners. Because of how smart Pomskies are, training them will be a challenging affair. After all, with a husky’s cleverness and a Pomeranian’s small-dog syndrome (or behavioral problems), you have a stubborn Pomsky full of mischief.

Training a dog as intelligent as a Pomsky is crucial. Their temperament and smarts will come in handy in that area. But no matter how frustrating it gets, all you need is a firm yet gentle hand. Be consistent so your training sinks in better. Give them treats as rewards to keep their interest. That way, they can unlearn any bad habits they picked up as a puppy.

Consider Finances

Caring for pets is a big responsibility. After all, you’re raising a living thing. Even though some pets have a short lifespan, the memories you’ve created together will last a lifetime. Because they are under your care, it’s unsurprising that you should allocate some of your funds to nurturing them. From toys to veterinary checkups, everything costs money. That’s why you must consider your finances before taking in a Pomsky. Otherwise, their ‘cuteness factor’ may wear off over time.


Pomskies have the best of both worlds. Because of their smarts and sweetness, many fall in love with them instantly. But once you take a Pomsky home, you might still be surprised by how much character they possess. Clever, loyal, and incredibly protective, those qualities are hidden beneath their fluffy appearance while they’re still a puppy. But to create a lifelong bond, you must be prepared for everything it has in store.