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If you’re a Pomsky dog owner, you’re probably worried about what they’re eating. You might have heard that giving them raw dog food can be the best way to keep them happy and healthy.

Generally, many dog species love eating raw food for several reasons. It can be a natural source of protein, which helps support the immune system and maintain muscle mass. It also contains enzymes that aid proper digestion.    

However, introducing raw dog food to your Pomsky for the first time can be challenging since it’s a massive change for their digestive system. It can also take a long time and should give proper care and attention. Because of this, you need to plan and prepare to feed your pet with a raw diet.   

Learn the six tips for introducing raw dog food to your Pomsky.  


1. Try Gradual Feeding  

Feeding raw food to your dog for the first time doesn’t always need to be complicated. It’s where gradual feeding comes into play. You can give half the recommended amount of raw food during the first day and slowly increase the amount during the next few days. For example, you can feed your Pomsky 2/3 of the needed quantity of raw dog food on day two and provide the full amount on day three.    

However, it’s essential to know that every dog is different and unique. Hence, if your Pomsky isn’t ready to switch to a raw dog food diet, it’s best to stick with the gradual feeding method. This way, your pet’s digestive system will slowly adapt to the change, making the transition much easier.    

2. Combine Commercial Pet and Raw Food

Another way to slowly ease your Pomsky into a raw diet is to mix commercial pet and raw food when feeding them for the first few days. For example, you can provide your pet with small raw minced meat in the morning and commercial food later in the day. Just ensure to choose healthy commercial dog food made of high-quality ingredients. Slowly increase the amount of raw food to give your Pomsky in the next few days. When this happens, you’ll more likely be ready to switch to a fully raw diet.   

You should avoid mixing raw meat and old dog food in the same meal simultaneously, as it might harm your dog’s digestive system. As such, you should keep these different types of dog food separate until they get used to the change.   

So, look for the right products to maximize your raw dog food combinations. For example, you can buy raw dog food from CDK9 and other similar providers online.   

3. Maintain Normal Feeding Patterns and Limit Treats   

It’s also important to keep normal feeding patterns when introducing raw dog food to your Pomsky. Make sure to feed them with the same bowl at the same time each day to ensure consistency. This way, your pet will gradually get used to the change without overwhelming its digestive system.    

On the other hand, it’s wise to limit the treats during the transition as it might make your Pomsky full throughout the day and, in turn, make them avoid new raw dog food.    

4. Observe Their Reaction   

To avoid any issues, introducing raw dog food to your Pomsky should be done carefully. Each dog will react differently, so it is crucial to observe while feeding them raw food. Keep an eye on them and determine their response to the new food. If they don’t see any unusual behavior, increase the amount of raw food to what you think is best until they become ready to switch to raw food diet.

Individual preferences and sensitivities play a significant role, leading to a range of reactions. Some Pomskies show excitement, displaying curiosity by sniffing the new food, wagging their tail, and exhibiting overall enthusiasm. Conversely, others may approach the unfamiliar food cautiously, sniffing tentatively and observing before deciding to try it. 

Some Pomskies are not picky eaters and immediately accept and enjoy any new food presented to them. However, some may exhibit hesitation or reluctance, taking time to warm up to the new food. Picky eating behavior may also manifest, with the Pomsky selectively consuming certain components and leaving the rest behind. Additionally, it’s crucial to be mindful of potential allergic reactions, such as itching, vomiting, diarrhea, or unusual behavior, as some dogs may be sensitive to specific ingredients.  

5. Incorporate New Sources of Protein  

Now that your pet has gotten used to the raw meat you choose, it’s time to slowly add new protein sources to adjust to a raw food diet. For instance, you can consider mixing chicken and beef in the morning and serving a single protein meal in the evening.

Opt for lean cuts of meat to maintain a balanced diet and prevent excessive fat consumption. Trim excess fat from meats to avoid potential digestive issues and maintain a healthy weight for your Pomsky. Organ meats should constitute a small portion of the overall diet, usually around 10% of the total meat content.

Include bone-in meats as a natural source of calcium and phosphorus. Ensure the bones are raw and appropriately sized to prevent choking hazards. Rotate protein sources regularly to offer a range of amino acids and nutrients.

By doing this, you can ensure your Pomsky will adjust to all possible protein sources without causing discomfort to their digestive system.   

6. Consult Your Veterinarian   

Unless you’re an expert, it’s essential to consult a trustworthy veterinarian when planning to feed your Pomsky with raw dog food. They can advise you about the appropriate options for your pet’s diet. They can also educate you about the safest ways to introduce fresh, raw food to your dog.   

With them by your side, you can make introducing raw food to your Pomsky manageable and stress-free.   


Starting a raw food diet for your Pomsky doesn’t need to be challenging. By considering the tips mentioned above in mind, you can make raw feeding much more manageable while keeping your pet healthier.