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Things to Consider When Hiring a Dog Walker for Your Pomsky

We can all agree that having a dog is a lot of work. Our little friends are full of energy and are constantly stimulated by their surroundings.

It is our job to help them release that energy in a healthy and safe way. That being said, sometimes we are simply just too busy to take them on a walk ourselves. Some people might ask “Is walking my pomsky really necessary?” Absolutely, yes. Pomskies need exercise. it’s an important part of their energy management.

So, what to do when you have little to no time to take your pomsky for a walk? (Hopefully this is just periodically.) One solution is to hire a dog walker that will take your dog out when you are at work. However, as good of an idea as this is, hiring just about anyone is not the best course of action. When you are looking to hire someone, you need to make sure that they are reliable.

On that note, in this article, we are going to cover things that you need to consider when you hire a dog walker for your pomsky. Now, if you are ready and want to learn more, let’s not waste any more time and dive right in.

Pomsky Care

It takes a great deal of commitment to take care of a pomsky during a walk. A dog walker needs to constantly be aware of the surroundings and if there is anything that might put your little friend in danger. The last thing you want is for your dog to get hurt.

While you are in the process of hiring a dog walker, you need to be really thorough with the questioning. It is recommended that you hire a professional, or if you have a friend or a family member that you are sure knows what to do, it can also work. However, we cannot stress this enough, never leave your dog with someone that has little to no experience with dog walking.

Look for a Professional

As we have mentioned, hiring a professional dog walker is likely the best course of action you can take. A professional service will take care of your dog so you will have nothing to worry about while you are busy taking care of your work.

Finding a dog walking business should not be that hard or time-consuming as you can easily find several with a simple internet search. Just type in Google for example “dog walking services Brooklyn” and make sure that they have good reviews and that their dog walkers are certified. There are many businesses that offer dog walking services, yet they do not have properly trained staff.

Dog walkers that have gone through proper training are more intuitive and will react better in different situations. They know how to keep your dog safe and avoid unnecessary risk factors. It is needless to say that you want to entrust your precious pet to someone that will keep them safe constantly.

They Need to Be Familiar with the Area

The benefit of knowing the local area and all of its neighborhoods is something that only local dog walkers can provide. Hiring someone that is not familiar with where you live is not ideal. A dog walker that has worked in your area will know which places and dog parks are the best options for your dog. This way your dog can have the freedom and peace to enjoy the walk without any disturbances along the way.

They Have to Stay Calm

Every dog has a different temper. Whether your dog is calm or over enthusiastic during a walk, the dog walker you hire needs to be calm at all times. This way they can handle different situations accordingly. Staying composed during these situations is what every dog walker needs to be able to do. Additionally, a dog walker should also try to match your dog’s energy for a more enjoyable time.


No matter what, the dog walker you hire needs to have pet care insurance. Nobody wants to see their pomsky get hurt; however, in those rare situations having pet care insurance will help you cover any fees from a veterinarian or third-party liabilities. As long as there is pet care insurance, you can feel more at ease while you work or travel.

They Need to Understand Your Pomsky

Arguably the most important thing is that a dog walker understands your pomsky. As we have mentioned, not every dog is the same. So, they first have to get familiar with your dog before they take them out on a walk. Once they establish that the dog is accustomed to them, it is time for a walk.