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Pomsky Coat Care: Proven Grooming Advice for New Pet Owners 

Pet parenting is more than having a loyal and loving companion. It is also a commitment to caring for your furry friend. From the daily duties such as feeding, grooming, and walking to toilet training and vet visits, it can be a lot of work for a busy person. 

It gets even harder if you own a high-maintenance breed like Pomsky. But the thought shouldn’t keep you from bringing home the canine companion you absolutely want.

The best piece of advice is to know the ins and outs of breed-specific care and grooming to ensure you are all set for the expense and effort. Like any dog breed, Pomskies require regular bathing, brushing, and cleaning of the eyes and ears. 

Statistics indicate that 67% of American dog parents consider grooming an essential part of canine health. However, only 37% regularly take their pet to a professional salon. Cost is probably a factor.

But you need not spend a fortune on professional services because DIY care is possible for new Pomsky parents. Let us know the breed better first and outline the best grooming advice to keep its coat clean and shining. 

Raising a Pomsky: What Makes It Different?

If you are a true pet enthusiast, you will surely love the idea of owning a designer dog. Pomsky, a mix of the Siberian husky and the Pomeranian, is among the most popular designer breeds. 

However, you may have to dig deep into your wallet to raise a Pomsky because it has unique needs for food, health, and expenses. Grooming is challenging because it has thick fur and sheds a lot, so you can imagine the workload of brushing and cleaning.

A product like a dry shampoo for dogs can be your savior when it comes to Pomsky coat care. It is a shortcut to fresh fur without hard work. Pride+Groom is an online platform that provides information regarding the ingredients and usage of dry shampoos, making pet owners more confident about using them. The blog section provides dog care facts and information for further guidance. 

Proven Grooming Advice for New Pet Owners

As a new pet owner, you may have some qualms about grooming a Pomsky because raising it is different from rearing a low-maintenance breed. But you can ace the task by following these practical grooming tips-

Be Regular With Brushing

Since Pomsky is a hairy breed, you cannot miss out on regular brushing. It is essential to keep the coat clean, smooth, and tangle-free. Brushing removes dead hair and stimulates blood flow. 

Experts recommend weekly brushing. However, you can even do it daily if you can spare time. Pay attention to the tools and techniques. You must have a high-quality bristle brush, and use it gently from the back to the front to smoothen the fur.

Use the Right Bathing Products

Bathing your pet sounds daunting as a beginner, but you can actually make it an opportunity to bond and spend quality time together. You need to bathe your dog only once every 1-3 months, although you can choose a one-month gap during summer. 

The important part is to use the right products that clean the coat gently. Consider using a gentle perfume for dogs between bathing sessions. Your Pomsky will smell good every day with it.

Clean the Eyes and Ears

Cleaning your pet’s eyes and ears is another significant aspect of its grooming. Check the corners of its eyes for debris and wipe them with a moist cotton ball. Also, inspect its ears and clean the debris with a piece of cloth or a cotton ball soaked in olive or mineral oil. 

Since the breed is hairy, you will also have to trim the coat around the eyes and the ears. But you can let a professional do it if you are not comfortable with the job.

Invest in Periodic Trims

Besides trimming the areas around your canine’s eyes and ears, you must also invest in periodic trims to avoid matting. Pomskies have dense fur, making them prone to tangles and matting. But a professional fur trim every 3-4 months is enough to keep its coat in good condition. Meanwhile, brush and comb it regularly to keep the fur mat-free. 

A Final Word

Being a proud owner of a Promsky comes with many responsibilities, but the effort is worthwhile. You may feel apprehensive about regular grooming as a new pet parent. Following this checklist ensures a healthy and clean coat for your furry friend and peace of mind for you.