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Going on an adventure with your furry companion? Learn how to travel with pets, whether it’s a quick trip to grab a puppuccino or an international excursion. Our guide has got you covered.

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What should be considered when flying with animals?

When traveling with your furry companion, there are some important things to keep in mind, regardless of the airline you choose or your destination. 

  • Your pet’s information should be updated and their carrier should be labeled. Be sure their vaccinations and microchip are up to date, and consider bringing recent photos and a health certificate. 
  • When possible, take direct flights to reduce travel time and stress for both you and your pet and avoid the risk of losing them in transit. 
  • Keep your furry companion calm and stress-free by seeking advice from your veterinarian. They can guide you in recognizing signs of stress and provide helpful tips.
  • When traveling, remember to pack enough food and water to keep your pet safe and comfortable.
  • Don’t sedate your pet unless recommended by a veterinarian, as the combination of medication and high altitude stress can harm them. 
  • If you’re traveling with a furry friend, it’s best to avoid bringing pugs, Pekinese dogs, or Persian cats on a flight. These snub-nosed pets are more likely to experience breathing difficulties while in the air.

Features of flying with pets

Flying with pets may not be common, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. It’s important to note that most airlines require pet owners to use third-party pet travel companies for interstate and international flights. These companies can take care of everything from pick up to delivery, making the journey more comfortable for your furry friend. Some reputable companies to consider are Jetpets, Aeropets, Dogtainers, and Petraveller. While it can be costly to fly with a pet, using one of these companies may save you the hassle of finding an airline-approved travel crate as they usually provide their own.

Tips for traveling with pets in the car

While dogs might enjoy the journey, cats might not be as thrilled, making it essential to take proper precautions.

  • One of the essential steps is to keep your pet securely inside the vehicle. Even though dogs might want to stick their head out of the window for fun, it can cause injuries or allow debris to enter their face, mouth, or eyes.
  • Another crucial aspect is to buckle your pets up. Leaving them unrestrained inside the car is both dangerous and illegal. For cats, crates must be fastened with a seatbelt. There are also available car harnesses and other specialized gear designed to keep your pups safe and secure.
  • Keep them in the back seat to avoid potential injuries from frontal airbags in case of an accident.
  • Also, plan ahead by finding pet-friendly locations and never leaving them alone in the car.
  • Introduce them to the crate for long trips. Travel safely with your pets.

How to find a hotel with pet-friendly services?

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Traveling with your pets can be a great way to spend quality time with them, but precautions should always be taken. Familiarize yourself with the airlines’ and hotels’ policies before booking, as they may not allow animals on board or within their premises. Using a VPN, you can even book a hotel for an animal remotely, and sometimes even get a good discount, like for a local. Therefore, a VPN is useful for any travel, not just with animals.