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Benefits of Owning a Pomsky

The Pomsky, otherwise known as the “Pomeranian Husky” is a wonderful dog. The Pomsky is full of love, joy, energy, and is an absolutely loyal breed.

There are so many benefits of owning a Pomsky, but today, we are going to breakdown the five top benefits of owning a Pomsky. This article is brought to you from Sarah Lefers, the owner of Dakota Pomskies. One of the best Pomsky breeders you could possibly work with.

Benefit #1 – Keeping Active

Everyone knows that puppies need play and exercise. A major benefit of this is that it gets YOU (and your family) out in nature and helps keep you more active!

Benefit #2 – Instant Best Friend

Who doesn’t love walking through the door after being gone for the day (or even a few minutes) and having someone super excited to see you?! Because a dog is always happy to see you, it’s hard not to smile and have your own mood lifted as soon as you walk though the door. But this isn’t all. Be it for you or your child, a dog is always there to listen when you are feeling sad, lonely, or hurt without judging or giving any backlash. They even provide physical comfort by curling up on your lap and giving you kisses. Plus, they just exude happiness with their goofy grins and playful attitudes! They truly are man’s best friend.

Benefit #3 – Teaching Your Kids Responsibility

In our fast-past world we live in, nothing is better for teaching responsibly to a child like having a pet. The love they have for their dog drives in the desire to take care of it, be that feeding and watering, grooming, or just giving it lots of attention. Plus, it helps keeps everyone active!

Benefit #4 – Unconditional Love and Selflessness

Dogs are ALWAYS there for you (see benefit #2). This unconditional love not only eases stress in your life as well as your kids’, but it also helps children learn what it means to always be there for someone else. In addition, a dog is a great tool to help us all learn that life isn’t just about us. Sometimes we need to take care of others as well!

Benefit #5 – Protection

With a dog in your home, the chances of a robbery or break-in are much lower. With their enhanced sense of hearing and smell, dogs naturally recognize your footsteps, your car, your doors, and all things that smell and sound like “you”. All of this knowledge, along with their love for you, makes them natural protectors, alerting you whenever something seems off. Plus, if a robber knows there is a dog in the house (which they will hear by their barking), they are MUCH less likely to attack, knowing they themselves could be attacked and hindered from making off with any goods.

Find Your Pomsky

Remember to download our list of approved Pomsky breeders (including Dakota Pomskies) to ensure you find the perfect Pomsky from a reputable Pomsky breeder. We will also tell you every time a Pomsky is available from an approved POA breeder near you!

Special Thanks

A special thank you to Sarah Lefers of Dakota Pomskies for writing this wonderful article on an important topic. If you are looking for a Pomsky, I highly recommend reaching out to Sarah. She is one of the top breeders in the Pomsky community. You can contact Sarah through any of the below methods:

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