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Protein and Pomsky- How Protein Affects Your Pups Training and Wellness

The Pomsky is an adorable beautiful ball of fluff. Being a cross between the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian-two very energetic dog breeds, this dog is extremely active.

Due to their high energy, the Pomsky breed can benefit greatly from a high protein diet.

If you’re a Pomsky parent looking for ways to keep your pooch healthy, here’s a detailed guide on why a protein-rich diet is good for them.

Good Protein for Your Pomsky

Let’s start by looking at the best protein foods for your Pomsky.

Meat should be the primary source of protein for your dog. But you shouldn’t ignore other healthy plant sources of protein like peas and lentils. Protein is also available in food byproducts of soy and wheat.

Notably, when buying meat for your Pomsky make sure it’s high quality and from a reliable source. Poor quality meat may have pathogens, parasites and bacteria which can lead to serious health issues for your pup.

When buying your Pomsky protein-rich foods, check the food label and ensure there is a plant or meat source included as the primary ingredient. Also, if you intend to give your pet natural protein foods choose quality sources of protein such as fish, beef, eggs, duck, lamb, chicken, rice, and whole foods.

Although active dog breeds such as the Pomsky benefit greatly from higher levels of proteins, the level of protein intake should vary from dog to dog. For instance, puppies under one year, pregnant and nursing Pomsky mothers need more protein.

Additionally, be careful not to feed your pup too much protein.

Excess proteins in your Pomsky diet can result in bone problems and kidney failure. Besides, some protein foods may contain high amounts of calories which can lead to obesity in your dog due to overfeeding.

The Benefits of a High Protein Diet For Your Pomsky

A high-protein diet is highly beneficial to your Pomsky’s health as explained below.

1.      Provides Essential Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and they play an important role in your dog’s health.

When you give your Pomsky a high protein diet, they benefit from getting essential amino acids such as histidine, arginine, leucine, isoleucine, lysine, and valine.

Further, different protein foods contain different amino acids and each of the amino acids has various functions in your pet’s body.

Some of the notable functions that the amino acids perform in your dog’s body include:

  • Creation and maintenance of healthy fur and skin for your dog
  • Support the growth and maintenance of your dog’s muscles
  • Build and repair body tissues
  • Nutrients distribution
  • Transport oxygen throughout your dog’s body
  • Enhance your dog’s immune system

2.      Promote Muscle Strength and Recovery

Active dogs like the Pomsky require more proteins than sedentary dog breeds as their bodies build and break down muscle protein during exercise. If your Pomsky doesn’t get the recommended levels of dietary proteins, they can become tired and suffer from loss of muscle.

Notably, dogs that get a higher protein diet have stronger muscles which help them to have higher levels of exercise endurance.

Protein for dogs is also important as it helps in muscle recovery. Just like you go to the gym, active dogs’ muscles do wear and tear due to overactivity. A protein-rich diet helps such muscles recover quickly.

3.      Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

Your Pomsky can easily become overweight if you give her an unhealthy diet.

Notably, poor-quality protein foods often contain lots of carbs which can contribute to your dog being overweight.

On the other hand, quality high-protein foods are often lower in carbohydrates.

Thus, feeding your dog a quality high protein diet is not only good for your Pomsky’s weight but also helps in keeping their body healthy.

4.      Support Your Pomsky’s Energy Levels

Quality proteins offer calories that can sustain the nutritional needs of your active pet.

Amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins are an important energy source for active dogs’ as they help fuel your dogs’ muscles during exercise.

To support the energy needs of your active dog, you should feed them foods that have a protein level of 26% or higher.

5.      Better Skin Health

Your Pomsky’s skin and fur are made up of protein. A diet that is rich in protein provides the amino acids necessary to keep the skin and coat replenished.

If your dog lacks enough protein, their hair may become dry and brittle while the skin cell membranes will weaken causing water to escape and viruses and bacteria to easily enter your dog’s body.

6.      Speedy Recovery in Senior and Injured Dogs

A senior Pomsky will also benefit greatly from a high protein diet. Proteins contain amino acids that help speed up muscle recovery in aged dogs.

Besides, proteins contain nutrients that help minimise inflammation in your pet’s bones and connective tissue making it easier for them to recover from injury or surgery.

Feeding your dog a high protein diet during recovery is also important as it reduces their stress levels due to a speedy recovery.

Not All Proteins Are Created Equal

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to give your Pomsky a high-quality protein diet. Low-quality protein foods may be harder to digest and may also contain high levels of carbs plus other harmful preservatives.

When shopping for proteins for your Pomsky, go for protein foods that are manufactured by a reputable brand. Ensure the company you choose sources its ingredients from quality protein sources.

Timberwolf Organics Dakota Legends is a high-quality rich protein food that offers your dog the nutrients she needs. The high-protein food is made of a variety of animal proteins such as lamb and venison. It’s also easily digestible and has additional amino acids and minerals to support your Pomsky’s overall health.