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Pomskies are highly energetic and loving dogs. They are great for students and small families but require a lot of care and attention. Student pet owners have to keep their budget and study time in mind while taking care of their dogs.

So here are a few tips and tricks you can use as a Pomsky pet owner to make take care of them without spending a lot of money on supplies or not submitting assignments on time.

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Keep them engaged with lots of toys

Pomskies are very energetic dogs and demand a lot of attention and playtime. As a student, you might not have as much time to give to them as they require. For times when you are busy, toys can be great in keeping them occupied. They can continue to play with their toy while you complete any school work you may have left.

As a responsible pet owner, you might have to prioritize your Pomsky over college during times when they get sick or upset. During such times, finishing up your assignment as fast as possible requires all the help you can get. CSE citation maker by EduBirdie is a great tool for students who need help in citing research articles in their writing assignments and papers. You’ll also be able to finish assignments faster and fit more studying time into your daily timetable. As a student, you can benefit a lot from the CSE citation tool. I used this for my CPCU exams.

Make DIY beds and toys instead

Students are always on a budget and spending money on toys and beds for you Pomsky isn’t always feasible. They can be really expensive and need replacements as Chomskies will chew and tear them up. Making beds and toys on your own is a cheaper and sustainable option. If they are even chewed and ruined, you can replace them at a much lesser cost.

You can make a bed with an old sweatshirt and pillow. Put the pillow into the sweatshirt from the bottom and sew up the bottom and top. If you wish to use the sleeves as well, you can stuff them up with cotton.

Your Pomsky will surely love it. As for toys, you can make bunnies out of socks, use yarn balls with a cloth covering. You can even find re-stuffable dog toys online as they are cheaper and easier to maintain than other toys.

Prep dog meals in advance

Pomskies require a lot of care and attention (difficult as I’ve been studying for my exams), along with a balanced diet. They are highly energetic and get annoyed when hungry. As a student, you might get busy with college work and forget about your pet’s meals.

To avoid such a scenario, prep your dog’s meals in advance and store them for later. When it’s their mealtime, you can warm it up and give it to your Pomsky to eat. You’ll reduce a lot of your meal prep time and have more time for college work and playtime with your dog. If you still forget to give them their meals on time, set the alarm on your phone for each meal so that you never forget to feed your Pomsky.

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Purchase a vacuum cleaner

Pomskies don’t shed a lot of hair but they can still leave a substantial amount of fur around the house, especially on mats, beds, and couches. A vacuum is great to pull out any hair that is stuck in mats and cushions and keep them clean. You must also use it on their bed to keep it hair and dust-free.

Vacuum cleaners will also keep your house dust-free, which is important for dog owners. Dust can cause allergies and skin rashes, so clean your entire house regularly with a vacuum cleaner to maintain both your health and your Pomsky’s health.

Use play toys to regularize brushing

You’ll find plenty of toys on the market that have bristles that can clean your dog’s teeth. You can buy those for your Pomsky and apply toothpaste on them to clean their teeth.

Often, Pomskies can make a fuss about the practice of brushing. If your Pomsky does the same, you can apply the toothpaste on chew toys and chew ropes to get them accustomed to the flavor. While brushing their teeth, you can distract them with pictures and toys and finish the task before they start to resist.


Pomskies aren’t difficult to take care of but require sufficient care and attention. Keeping them engaged with toys and building good habits must be a priority for you as a pet owner. Always be on the lookout for DIY toys and meals that you can make at home instead of buying them from outside. This will help with your expenses without reducing the quality of care your Pomsky receives every day.

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