My Crazy Pomskys


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My Crazy Pomskys

My Purpose in Life Has Always Been Taking Care Animals. I've Been on This Journey For Over 30 Years Rescuing, Rehabilitating, Rehoming & Nursing Animals Back to Health. Everyone That Knows Me Knows I'll Do Anything For An Animal. My Husband & My Pets Are My Life!

In 2020 We Had To Say Goodbye To Our Boy, and That Changed The Entire Course of Our Lives. I Never Thought I Would Love Another Dog Again. Our Pomsky Nori Came into Our Lives When We Needed Her Most. She Helped Us Heal & In The Process Her Breeder Karen and I Became Really Good Friends. My Entire Life I Had Always Been The One Healing Animals, Having An Animal Heal Us Was A Whole New Experience. I Truly Believe When One Journey Ends, A New One Begins. Even in Our Darkest Hours When It All Seems Hopeless and We Feel Completely Lost, God Always Has A Plan For Us. The Decision To Become a Part of Breeding Pomskies Wasn't One That We Just Came Up With Ourselves, It Was God's Plan For Us All Along.

My Dogs Are My World! All of Our Dogs are from "Maine Aim Ranch Dogs". Their Parents are RockStars in The Pomsky World! In Order To Breed The Best Pups, We Knew We Had To Have The Best Pups To Raise into The Best Dogs From One of The Greatest Pomsky Breeders In The Game. When you get a Pup from "My Crazy Pomskys" Your Guaranteed The Whole Package. A True Designer Breed Pomsky That's Beautiful, Hilarious, Obedient, Intelligent, Loving, Extremely Loyal, Healing, Trainable and has the Characteristics of a Behaviorally Healthy Dog that is the Perfect Addition To You and Your Family. Our Pups aren't Kept in a Room or in Cages, Our Home is Their Home. We Set Parents Up with Everything They Need To Begin Their Puppy Journey. My Relationship with My Dog Owners Doesn't End When You Pick Up My Puppy. I Will Always Be Here For Any Questions, Guidance, and I Look Forward To PupDates!!


Hurleyville, NY


Point of contact: Lindita Makovic
Phone: (845) 866-1857
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