Pomsky Training Video – Stop Pomsky Pulling On Leash

Stop Pomsky Pulling On Leash


Much like Huskies, Pomskies are born to pull. This makes it difficult to walk a Pomsky on leash as they will pull you all over the road, zigzag back and forth, and twirl the leash around your legs until you trip. It is natural for a Pomsky to pull, it is their instinct especially when on leash as Pomskies are naturally full of energy and excited to get out in open space to run free. Pomskies are not born knowing how to walk on a leash, a leash constrains the Pomsky’s natural behavior, and they do not understand how a leash works. You need to teach them.

In this video Dan teaches us a couple techniques to teach your Pomsky to walk on leash without pulling.

Dog Training Obedience Course (Free)

This video was produced by Dan, otherwise known as “Doggy Dan”, and The Online Dog Trainer team.

We are happy to have an incredible partnership with Dan and the Online Dog Trainer Team. They have given us permission to use Dan’s proprietary puppy training content and videos. Dan has provided us with videos from his online training courses for FREE to help Pomsky owners around the world with training the perfect puppy.

Dan provides us with one more free bonus. He is giving our Pomsky owners free access to his four part obedience training course. 

This free download is a great supplemental to use in addition to the above training article. I highly recommend using Dan’s free course.

It’s completely free for our readers. This course covers important training topics and breaks down Dan's method that he uses to get your Pomsky to CHOOSE to obey you every time! In Dan's free course he teaches us:

  • Why most Dog Training methods set you up to fail.
  • Why food bribes and clickers to train your dog doesn't work long term.
  • Why using force, fear, and aggression does not work to train your Pomsky.
  • Why you don't have to spend hours training your dog.
  • How to teach your dog to CHOOSE to obey you and follow your commands.


Please note. The above video is the property of The Online Dog Trainer. We are not Dan of The Online Dog Trainer. Dan is not a member of the Pomsky Owners Association. We are using these videos and Dan’s training classes with the permission of Dan. Dan has allowed us to use The Online Dog Trainer courses and content on our website.

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