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College academic assignments help students to understand better the concepts of a topic, course, or subject. A student is given strict timelines within which they must research, write, and submit their papers. Despite the benefits students get from assignments, some topics are too complex and are hard to research or write about.

Such tough topics sometimes cause higher stress levels to students, yet some don’t know how to cope with it. Research has concluded that one way to help reduce assignment stress is to walk a pet. Here are the reasons why.

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Decreased cortisol levels

Cortisol is an essential steroid hormone found in the body cells of both human beings and many animals. It controls various functions in the body. Biologists call it the main stress hormone because it is responsible for stress in the body. The body is designed to protect itself from any forms of aggression and when a student becomes aggressive due to complex assignments, cortisol reacts to help the body escape from this form of aggression.

It does so by triggering the responsible organs to release more blood sugar to help increase energy in the brain. When the level of aggression persists, more glucose is released and the body becomes stressed. By walking your pet, the cortisol will sense the environment has changed and the danger is gone. It will trigger the organs to stop releasing glucose and your stress level will normalize.

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Release of endorphins

Endorphin is a chemical released from the brain that helps trigger relaxation and better mood in the body. Endorphins are released from the brain under two conditions – when the body is under pain/stress and during activities like walking or eating.

When you walk with your pet and cuddle it as you walk, the brain releases higher levels of endorphins because it senses a better mood in your body. There is an advantage when your body receives a larger amount of endorphins because it helps boost your levels of pleasure, happiness, and joy. These positive conditions in the body result in a better feeling of your general well-being, which is important in fighting stress.

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Increased rate of metabolism

Metabolism is a body process that helps change food into energy that helps the body to function. When you have too much food stored in the body that is not metabolized, your body begins to develop stress as it looks for a way out to release its excess stored food. When you remain seated for longer periods, your body uses very little energy and you begin to gain weight due to larger amounts of stored food. At such a condition, any small trigger like a complex assignment can cause stress levels to rise fast.

The answer is to create a chance for your body to burn the excess calories. Take your pet for a walk and your body will begin to burn more food. The result will be reduced stress and your pet too will benefit from the walk.

Better focus

Higher levels of stress can cause distraction and as a result, a student will focus less on their assignments. Scientists have proved that walking a pet can help you increase focus. As you walk, the pet provides companionship, which can give you a sense of security.

During the walk, your body increases physical activity, and you meet new people in the neighborhood, breathe fresher air, and enjoy the environment. All these experiences help your body to reduce anxiety and stress. With lesser stress and anxiety levels, you can focus more on your assignment.


Complexities in college assignments can cause students to have higher stress levels which can affect their productivity. Scientific research has proved that walking with a pet can help the body cope with any stress level. The experience helps the body increase metabolism, decrease cortisol, and increase endorphins which all affect stress levels in the body. It doesn’t matter the type of pet, whether it’s a dog, a cat, a bird, a reptile, or a bigger animal.

Author’s Bio:

 Alina Boskar works as an online trainer for a coaching agency that prepares students for entrance exams to the best colleges and universities across the US, UK and Canada. She helps with writing tasks, personal statements and cover letters. Her free time is for digital painting, kitchen gardening and cycling.

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