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Adding a Pomsky, or any other dog for that matter, to your household may brighten up your household and add some color to the monotony of your day-to-day life. 

That being said, if you are a parent, and a new one at that, you might be wondering how well a Pomsky can get along with a toddler. This is a concern for all parents as it is essential that your dog is affectionate towards your little baby! 

Read on to learn all the necessary facts, tips, and tricks about introducing your Pomsky to your toddler!

A Little About Pomskies

Pomskies are only a recent breed that are part Siberian husky and part Pomeranian. With the enthralling beauty of a typical Husky and the adorable small size of a Pomeranian, it is hard to fight the temptation to take one home with you. 

If you need to know more about dogs before bringing them into your household, then check out Critter Tips for the best tips for your pets!

When dealing with Pomskies, it is a good idea to look at the behavior and traits of the Husky and the Pomeranians to get an understanding of whether introducing your Pomsky to your toddler will be a breeze or a hurricane for you.

Little About Pomeranians and Huskies

Pomeranians are small and playful creatures with a lot of intellect. Furthermore, these little things love to garner all your attention. 

One problem with them is that they are stubborn about territory and can be quite loud in certain conditions.

On the other hand, the Siberian Husky is known to be a social creature that everyone adores for being big and fluffy, and yet gentle and friendly. These dogs can form strong bonds with their humans and can socialize with any dog lover easily! The one problem they might have with toddlers is their stubbornness.

Both of these dogs are stubborn but that should not concern you too much. You just need to ensure some proper training and that will make them obedient and help them adjust to your children.

So, Are Babies and Pomskies a Good Match?

If your Pomsky shows signs of positive traits, such as high energy, loyal and social, then your concerns will be lessened. However, obedience training is mandatory in any case so that you can correct their barking and stubbornness. 

Moreover, when keeping any dog in a house with a toddler, you should set some guidelines to follow for the family.

General Guidelines to Maintain in the House

  1. A baby is unlikely to understand if a Pomsky is agitated by them and so until they mature a little more, it’s a good idea to keep them separated when the adults aren’t around.
  2. Introducing your Pomsky to your toddler should be done smoothly as negative reinforcement may bring about a bad relationship between them.
  3. Babies should not be left alone with Pomskies as their curiosity might drive them to interact with the dog and make the dog uncomfortable.

Some Tips That Could Help

Now that we have set some general guidelines, and talked about the breed a little, let’s talk about some ways to make your Pomsky and baby get along in the house!

1. Get the Pomsky Before the Baby Arrives

You should try to adopt a Pomsky before the baby arrives at the house. Why? 

Well, getting a Pomsky earlier gives you time to assess their behavior and correct them through the proper training. Furthermore, you can use this time to get the dog accustomed to things related to your baby. Toys, baby oil, and seat carriers are all things the dog should be accustomed to.

That said, many Pomsky owners successfully bring their puppy into a home with babies already there.

2. Pomskies Should Be Exercised Regularly

One of the best ways to keep your Pomsky well-mannered is by taking them out for walks and making them play with toys that challenge them both physically and mentally. Keeping them tired and engaged will keep them well-behaved at home too!

3. Get Professional Help Early On

It won’t be a long process to realize that your dog and your baby are not compatible at first. If this is the case, you should hire a professional to train your Pomsky so that they don’t cause problems for your toddler.

Advantages Of Raising Kids and Dogs Together

Raising your children around furry friends can help them in several ways. Although it might be a difficult thing for the parents, the long-term benefits speak for themselves.

1. Reduced Allergy and Increased Responsibility

When introducing your Pomsky to your toddler, you are giving their body a chance to adapt to dogs and this can help reduce the chances of allergies later on in life. 

Furthermore, when children grow up around dogs, they are likely to be well-mannered and responsible as they grow up with their pet partners.

2. Exercise Becomes a Daily Thing for the Family

All dogs need exercise. Going on walks and playing around with them can be beneficial for the whole family. This will give kids an incentive to play outside and run around with their dogs, and everyone in the family benefits from a little bit of exercise each day!

3. Strong Bonds Go a Long Way

As your Pomsky and your child grow together, they are likely to create an unbreakable bond that they will both cherish. Dogs are not called a man’s best friend without a reason!

In Conclusion

The main question for you now is – are Pomskies and toddlers good for each other? 

Yes, they most certainly are! 

The right training in the initial months will make your Pomsky an amazing part of your growing family. Let your toddler grow a little as well (around six months) so that they can learn to be around the Pomsky. 

We hope that this article cleared up all confusion about introducing your Pomsky to your toddler and we hope that you and your family live a happy life full of fun memories together!


Are Pomskies aggressive dogs?

Although very playful, Pomskies are known to be very gentle and friendly with humans.

Is Leaving a Pomsky Alone Okay?

Yes, you can leave a Pomsky alone, even with your toddler, if it has received the proper training. If they are played with and received lots of exercises then a Pomsky will have no issue staying alone for a while.

How to Calm a Pomsky?

Rubbing a Pomsky’s back can be a great way to calm your Pomsky down. There could be many other things that could calm your Pomsky down. You just have to get familiar with it and learn from experience.