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Acacia Pomskies

We are a small family breeder located in beautiful Northern California. It is our goal and responsibility as a breeder to ensure we produce quality, healthy, and happy puppies that have good temperament, and are loving and loyal in character. Pomskies are stunning, highly intelligent, outgoing, social, and affectionate. They make ideal family companions and are a pleasure to own. We maintain the best possible standard of health and care in all of our dogs and puppies. They are members of our family.


Oroville, California


Point of contact:  Cindy Alves
Phone: 530-552-9357 (call or text)
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: //www.facebook.com/AcaciaPomskyPuppies/
Website: //www.acaciapomsky.com/
Instagram: //www.instagram.com/acaciapomskies/
Membership Page: /Acacia-Pomskies/

Arctic Tails Pomskies

At Arctic Tails, we are thrilled to participate in the progression of the Arctic Spitz/Pomsky breed toward AKC recognition. We have always held a special place in our hearts for the Siberian Husky, and adding the loyal and petite Pomeranian is a win-win! We do not take breeding lightly, and our priority will always be the welfare of our pups and the progression of the breed. All of our breeding dogs are tested with Embark, OFA hips/patellas/elbows/cardiac, and CAER eyes. We follow the Puppy Culture program to raise our puppies with Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and lots of love, enrichment, and communication. We strive not only to create perfect puppies with health, beauty, and brains, but also to give them the absolute best start possible before finding loving families for them to join! Feel free to reach out anytime with questions; we look forward to helping you find your furry family member!


Roseburg, Oregon


Point of contact: Lauren Schreiber
Phone: (435) 757-5694
Email: [email protected]
Website: //arctictailspomskies.com/
Facebook: //www.facebook.com/arctictailspomskies
Instagram: //www.instagram.com/arctictailspomskies/
Membership Page: /arctic-tails-pomskies/

Countryside Pomskies

When Charlie was around 10 months old or so, I was offered to take her. My brother wasn’t able to keep her anymore because Charlie was just too restless for theUtah city life, and he and his family wasn’t going to be able to spend enough time with her….they thought it best to let her be somewhere with plenty of space to explore and get all of her energy out. When I took her I had never owned a dog, and had thought I never would. At first Charlie was anxious, and I didn’t know much about taking care of a dog, but after a few weeks on our farm in Idaho, she and I were right at home with each other.

I took her everywhere I went, and worked on training her for almost year. As I took her around, I always got comments on Charlie, how beautiful she was, and how much they would like to have a dog just like her.
So at almost two years old I decided I would find a good stud for her. I began working very diligently to find a good stud to make sure I was doing things right, to make sure we would have some good healthy puppies, as well as uphold the standard for this relatively new Pomsky breed.

After a very successful trip to Oregon where we found a lovely stud owner’s family, Charlie had her first litter on the way. The pregnancy was interesting, as Charlie became so much less active than her usual self….She was probably the most surprised, because running everywhere was a trademark of her personality.

But on June 24th, Charlie’s very first, healthy, beautiful litter was born.

It’s been a lot of work, and there’s been a lot to learn, but at Eastern Idaho Pomskies, we’re dedicated to only producing good, healthy, Pomsky puppies so others can enjoy this wonderful breed as I have….I always wondered what kind of dog I would get if I ever got one, and it turns out a Pomsky is just the dog for me.


Tetonia, Idaho


Point of contact: Aaron Brown
Phone: (208) 821-6999
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: www.facebook.com/countrysidepomskies/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/countrysidepomskies/
Membership Page: /countryside-pomskies/

Meraki Moon Pomskies

Home to the kindest and most adorable Pomskies in the Universe, Meraki Moon Pomskies ensures the highest quality Pomsky puppies for you to enjoy. With our high standard code of ethics, and no kennel policy, all of our dogs live a carefree life.

Meraki Moon Pomskies is a small breeder in Lebanon, Oregon, breeding Siberian Huskies and Pomskies since 2015. We specialize in genetics and are knowledge leaders producing top quality Pomskies. We do not have kennels, all our dogs are free to roam and play by day and crated at night. Our puppies are raised with children if all ages. Our children love dogs and our dogs love children! We keep our number of fur babies low so we can properly give them the time and attention they deserve! Our dogs are well taken care of physically, mentally and emotionally. Mamas are bred a total of 4-5 times total in their life time to ensure heath.

We offer the best valued, top quality puppies in the northwest!


Lebanon, Oregon


Point of contact: Niya Thompson
Phone: 541-730-7356
Email: [email protected]
Website: //www.merakimoonpomskies.com
Facebook: //www.facebook.com/myoregonpomsky/
Instagram: //www.instagram.com/merakimoonpomskies/
Twitter: //twitter.com/myoregonpomsky
YouTube: //m.youtube.com/channel/UChKyCkBztCrpbuAGM3kib2Q
Membership Page: /meraki-moon-pomskies/

Midnight Sun Pomskies

We are located above the Arctic Circle in Northern Alaska, so our puppies are true Alaskans! We have only the best purebred Siberian Husky females and Pomeranian Males so that we can produce the finest Pomskies possible.

At Midnight Sun Pomskies our entire goal is to breed beautiful, healthy, and fluffy Pomskies from Alaska! We love the breed, and we want to share that with you. Our puppies are raised in our home as part of the family, and they get to play with other dogs, cats, and are socialized with adult and child visitors alike. Although we are located in Alaska, we do offer shipping to major airports all around the United States.


Bettles Field, Alaska


Point of contact:  Kimberlynn Wicks
Email: [email protected]
Website: //www.midnightsunpomskies.com
Facebook: //www.facebook.com/midnightsunpomskies
Membership Page: /midnight-sun-pomskies/

Ocean View Pomskies

We are dedicated to producing happy, healthy, friendly pomsky pups with beauty and brains. All pups are raised in our home with lots of socialization & love.


North Bend, Oregon


Point of contact:  Melissa Byers
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: //www.facebook.com/oceanviewpomskies/
Website: //oceanviewpomskies.strikingly.com/
Membership Page: /Ocean-View-Pomskies/

Pomsky Pawz

My name is Kelsey and I love the pomsky breed.  Breeding these beautiful and intelligent dogs is a passion of mine. I raise the puppies in my home as part of my family, until they are ready to go to yours. I work to ensure the puppies are happy and healthy by monitoring every step from birth until adoption. In the first 8 weeks, they spend as much time possible around people and other dogs. This helps them to learn to socialize and develop a friendly personality. I am available to answer any questions you have, even after you take your puppy home. Please feel free to contact me for any information you need.


Redding, CA


Point of contact: Kelsey Wheaton
Phone: 530-338-6718
Email: [email protected]
Website: //pomskypawz.wixsite.com/pomskypawz
Facebook:​ //www.facebook.com/Pomsky-Pawz-20-111301017060241/?modal=admin_todo_tour
Membership Page: /pomsky-pawz/

Portland Pomskies

Portland Pomskies was founded in Spring of 2015. Our mission has been to find the most beautiful dogs to create the cutest pomskies in the world! We create Pomskies ranging in size from 5lb-30lb's. The sizes can vary depending on the ratio of husky to pomeranian as well as the different parent pairings.


Portland, Oregon


Email: [email protected]
Website: www.portlandpomskies.com
Facebook: //www.facebook.com/portlandpomskies/
Instagram: //www.instagram.com/Portland_pomskies/
Membership Page: /portland-pomskies/

Smart Pomskies

We are a small in home breeder in Rathdrum, Idaho with a 5 star rating for the past 9 years.  Our Pomskies are embarked and we are PBA and POA members.  It is our priority that our dogs are first our pets, and then our breeder.  They live in our home and experience a regular daily routine.  Our puppies are born and raised in our home and oh so loved!


Rathdrum, Idaho


Point of contact: Wendi Smart
Phone: 208-755-6397
Email: [email protected]
Website: smartknines.com
Facebook: //www.facebook.com/smartpomskies
Membership Page: /smart-pomskies/

Snake River Pomksys

We've been breeding for 5 years now and had 13 litters of pups with 3 more due this fall/winter.
I started breeding Pomsky right after going through some very difficult personal issue in my life. I went through a difficult time and was trying to find my way in life. I have always loved animals particularly dogs. I started talking to my mentor and she gave me some great advice and a realistic view of what would be needed to become an exceptional breeder. After about 6 months I was able to find my Keena (husky) and she is one of the best dogs I've ever had. Almost every puppy we have can be traced back to Keena. She is so sweet and such a great do, and we want to keep her genetics throughout our lines. Keena has been retired, and now just helps socialize the pups. Shortly after we got Keena we were able to get our first Pomsky Kayla from Pomsky Northern. Kayla was also such a sweetheart and had a great disposition. We're were also fortunate enough to get our Pomeranian Chip. Our first year of trying to breed puppies was unsuccessful and we didn't have any puppies that year. We had our first successful breeding in late 2015 and had a beautiful litter born Dec 2015. Our breeding program has been such a blessing to us. I was able to quit my office job when my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and stay home, raise puppies, and take care of my grandmother until she passed away. The dogs were great with her and helped with Alzheimer's symptoms. My dogs have always been party family, and my husband, my adult children as well as my grandchildren have become an interictal part of raising well socialized and preloved puppies. We currently have 6 dams and 3 studs in our breeding program.  My pack has been such a blessing to me, and they have helped me through some very difficult times in my life, and simple can’t imagine life without them.


Blackfoot, Idaho


Point of contact: Marcy Howell
Phone: 208-680-1727
Email: [email protected]
Website: //mkhowell1858.wixsite.com/snakeriverpomskys
Facebook: //www.facebook.com/Snake-River-Pomskys-364365627098261/
Instagram: //www.instagram.com/snakeriverpomskys/
Membership Page: /snake-river-pomksys/

SnowFlake Pomsky

We are Kirt and Charity McCallister. We have young children who socialize and love on our puppies everyday. We are a small family breeding program in Oregon. We love dogs and especially love Pomskies. All of our pomskies are indoor dogs and do everything with us. they are like family to us and I grew up breeding German Shepherds with my mother since I was 5 years old. Our puppies have great temperaments and are well socialized when they leave to their new families. Our goal is to breed happy and healthy puppies with blue eyes and husky masks. We are members of the International Pomsky Association and hold to the standards and ethics that they stand for.


Keizer, Oregon


Point of contact:  Charity McCallister
Phone: 503-949-5597
Email: [email protected]
​Website: //snowflakepomsky.wixsite.com/snowflakepomsky
Facebook: //facebook.com/snowflakepomsky
Instagram: //instagram.com/snowflakepomsky
Membership Page: /snowflake-pomsky/

Sun Valley Pomskies

We are a small family owned and operated Pomsky breeder located 15 minutes outside Sun Valley, Idaho. Pomskies are the perfect companion dogs. We strive to produce healthy, loving, and well-tempered Pomskies!


Ketchum, Idaho


Point of contact: Natalia Ferris
Email: [email protected]
Website: //sunvalleypomskies.com/
Facebook: //www.facebook.com/SunValleyPomskies
Instagram: //www.instagram.com/SunValleyPomskies/
Membership Page: /sun-valley-pomskies/

Vaca Valley Pomskies

We are a family of 5 that started this journey over 4 years ago, by waiting for 1.5+years for our very own Pomsky. It seemed so absurd to us to have to wait that long, so we worked with our breeder and made arrangments to breed our girl Sierra "just a couple of times". That was until we got to experience first-hand, giving the same joy we had when we brought our Pomsky home, to our new parents, thus family hobby breeders were born! We strive to be one of the best Pomsky breeders around by raising all of our dogs and puppies in our temperature controlled home and under our feet with the normal happenings that families have. We also strive to be the front runners in Generational breeding as this is what is required to get a breed AKC recognized and we work VERY diligently at this! We are currently working on our 4th Generation!

We live a peaceful 5-acre ranch, in which we call our sanctuary, away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city and a safe haven for our children and animals to grow and play. All of our "big" dogs get to have supervised free roam for playtime as well as a protected enclosure (coyotes are out here) so that they can be inside or outside at free will. All of our kids are hands on with our Pomskies from breeding, birthing, raising, caring for, and sending home as well as training sessions for our own dogs/puppies which make for a well-rounded and completely socialized puppy! We spare NO expenses when it comes to all of our furbabies and they live quite the pampered pets life, but with the ability to also play and getting dirty...which they sure do!!! We are told on a regular basis that our animals live better than most people do!!! We are a little different than other breeders as we do NOT accept every applicant that contacts us. We do VERY intense and thorough background checks and are very selective as this protects our "family first" motto to help ensure that we are welcoming the right people into our family and home, because we ARE a Pomsky family until death do us part! This is also why we have a private parents page to conversate with one another, as we also hold privacy concerns for our parents and will never announce who they are!

Our process starts off with every interested potential parents needing to send us their email address so we can send them a Puppy Application. After we have selected parents for the current litter, they will then need to fill out and return their Puppy Deposit Contract with notarized signatures via certified mail along with their nonrefundable $500.00 deposit. The deposit is deducted from the full purchase price which runs $2500.00-$4000.00 depending on eyes, mask, markings, colorings, and coat which are typically priced at 5 weeks of age. Our puppies are typically all sold before they are born with the possibility of 1 or 2 available to the public if we/breeders we work with, do not keep any. At 5-6 weeks of age we start letting parents to select their puppies in the order that their deposits are received by us via certified mail ( 24-hour time limit for each family to select their puppy).

At 8 weeks old they will be ready for their new families and they will receive their Veterinarian check up, shots, 4th dose of deworming, DNA certificate, and for those who are flying home health certificates. At this time, all puppies are sold as pets only and will come with a 2-year health guarantee as well as a spay/neuter contract.

If you are in agreement with our processes and would like to be considered to become a part of Vaca Valley Pomskies family, then please let us know and we can send you an application to be considered for a puppy from our litter that was currently born
Thank you for your interest in Vaca Valley Pomskies!


Vacaville, CA


Point of contact: Denise
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: //www.facebook.com/vacavalleypomskies/
Membership Page: /vaca-valley-pomskies/


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