Pomsky Acres

Pomsky Acres strives to breed healthy puppies and place them in forever homes.  Being a small breeder... allows more time for nurturing each puppy from birth until they start their journey with you and your family. During their time with us we will build their confidence by introducing them to people, children (with supervision of course), and dogs (once they have their first set of shots). We provide a clean, loving environment, they are part of our home/family, before they become part of yours.  We also introduce the pups to collars ...leash, and the doggie door before they go home. In our experience, as the pups have the opportunity to follow mom outside, along with their litter mates and start "doing their business" it often promotes easier potty training. Pomskies are intelligent, and with love and consistency can be trained to be a very well behaved furever friend. We love what we do.... we love, loving your puppy before you!


Wellington, CO


Point of contact: Rebecca Bergmann
Phone: 970-691-8312
Email: Rebecca@pomskyacres.com
Website: http://pomskyacres.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pomsky.acres
Membership Page: https://pomskyownersassociation.com/pomsky-acres/


Available Pomskies

The best way to keep track of Pomsky Acres available litters is to monitor their website and Facebook page.Or you can view all available Pomskies from all POA Members on our Pomsky Litters Page.


  • Average price range of your Pomskies: $2,000 – $6,000
  • $2,000 -$2,500   35lbs+, Minimal Husky markings, Brown eyes
  • $2,500 – $4,000 16-34lbs, Husky markings,  Blue Eyes (eye), Bi -Eyes, Amber, Brown, Parti-Eyed,   includes Solid White or Pi-Bald coat colors.
  • $4,000 – $6,000   15lbs or less, Blue Eyes, Husky colors, Husky markings.
  • Shipping cost: TBD

What Is Included

When it’s time to take home your new family member, we will have exposed them to children, loud noises, and other dogs. We don‘t say that they are potty trained…. however they will be introduced to the doggie door and using the potty outside with their mom / litter mates.

You’ll have your new love at @ 8 weeks,  they will have  1st shots, vet exam, micro chipped,  & dewclaws removed. Your pup will have medical records, documents & Health guarantee.

Also our Pomsky Acres Pup kit; filled with amazing items!  Blanket (smells of mom and litter mates) Bowl, Kong , chews, a few toys, and food they have been eating.

*Breeder support / FB private group

Vet Reference

Dr. Wheeler


Health Tests

Dam AKC also Embark DNA

Sire Embark DNA


Contact Name: Rebecca Bergmann
Location: Wellington, CO
Phone: 970-691-8312
Email: Rebecca@pomskyacres.com
Website: http://pomskyacres.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pomsky.acres
Membership Page: https://pomskyownersassociation.com/pomsky-acres/


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