Pikes Peak Pomskies

We are a small family breeder located on 20 acres of land in beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills in Littleton, CO and are passionate about building awareness and appreciation for this sought-after crossbreed! We provide consistent family interaction and socialization of our dogs and puppies so that you can expect a happy companion that is ready for your family integration! With our commitment to the very best health standards (we use OFA and DNA health testing guidelines for all of our parent dogs) you can expect the healthiest puppies possible.


Littleton, CO


Point of contact: Sheri Reynolds
Phone: 512-766-7325
Email: Info@pikespeakpomskies.com
Website: https://pikespeakpomskies.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PikesPeakPomskies/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pikespeakpomskies/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQqWkVRrjjSU3LV3Gn8Gm_Q
Membership Page: https://pomskyownersassociation.com/pikes-peak-pomskies/


Available Pomskies

We update our Available Puppies (https://pikespeakpomskies.com/available/) web page regularly and add links to our puppy pages.

Or you can view all available Pomskies from all POA Members on ourĀ Pomsky Litters Page.


Prices range from $2,500-$5,000

What Is Included

Your puppy purchase includes the following:

Age appropriate vaccinations (1st DHPP 5-way) and de-worming if recommended by veterinarian
Veterinary exam indicating good health
30-day pet insurance
Pellet (pine) potty-training effort started by week 4
Introduce puppy to Baxter & Bella Online Puppy School’s program for easy transition home
Health guarantee

Puppy pack includes:
* Transitional bag of Spot & Tango puppy food
* Donut bed with litter smells
* Variety of chew toys
* Training treats

Vet Reference

Dr. Tom J. Geiselhardt, D.V.M.
Homestead Animal Hospital
6900 S Holly Cir
Centennial, CO 80112

Health Tests

OFA Eyes
OFA Cardiac
OFA Patellar
OFA PennHip
OFA Thyroid
OFA Legg-Calve-Perthes
OFA/DNA Progressive Retinal Atrophy



Yvette M.Pomsky Owner

Simply Awesome! Our journey with Pikes Peak Pomskies could not have been a better experience. Sheri and her wonderful family genuinely believe in this breed, it was clear from my first call with Sheri. They invited our family to come up and visit with Rush, Joy and Faith. I knew from that moment we had made the right choice. We were also able to visit the precious pups several times. We are literally over the moon with our beautiful Halloween baby boy Flurry (AKA Casper). We will forever be thankful for him and our extended furever family!

Jenne K.Pomsky Owner

Best experience ever! Sheri and her husband were such a delight to work with. I was very picky when looking for a breeder, I didn't want someone who was looking to make a quick buck or a puppy mill etc. Sheri truly cares about her puppies and the parents. She was so patient and responsive to any questions that I had. I was also able to come up to their beautiful home to see where the dogs were raised and I was able to meet some of the moms. And I must say her dogs are the SWEETEST! I was originally supposed to get a puppy from the "Super hero" litter but the one I wanted was already chosen. Sheri was very understanding when I decided to wait for the next litter which is where I got my puppy. I couldn't be more in love with my puppy! If you're looking for a puppy RUN to Pikes Peak Pomskies, you won't regret it!

Lori H.Pomsky Owner

My experience with Pikes Peak Pomskies has been awesome. It was like joining their family from the beginning. Offering for us to come meet the puppies, pup parents and getting to know the family really made the experience awesome. I appreciate that they allowed me to visit my pup after we agreed to purchase, and are still always responsive to texts and calls when I have questions. My pup has done a great job acclimating to our home, and was well socialized, so that has been a breeze so far.



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