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If you have had any pets in the past or still have them right now, you know very well how hard it is to say goodbye to this. Because leaving these beautiful friends for college is the hardest thing that you have to face for your studies. But, if you are so sensitive about leaving your pet, you must find a college that allows pets to live with students in their dorm rooms because plenty of schools and colleges don’t let this, except a few rare ones.

Moreover, the good thing about having a pet is that it enhances your skills, your behavior, happier and well-mannered citizens from different aspects of life. And, here, you will be glad to know that some unique colleges still allow you to take your pet to college. The main reason behind this logic is that it is proven that a pet can minimize your stress and raise positive thoughts in your mind.

8 Top Pet-Friendly Colleges for Animal Lovers and Students

1- Reed College

You will find it the best pet-friendly college because it does not bind you to bring a specific pet to the campus. The only thing that it demands is that it must have to be harmless for students. There is also a proper administration that works for local wildlife safety. The college’s main aim is to set professional skills in the students. However, they also assigned extensive research-based assignments, essays, workshops to pump them in the related area. If you feel overwhelmed in such a period, you can go to WriteMyEssayOnline and hire them to get a professional assistance.

2- University of Northern Colorado

This institute knows very well your feelings for your beloved pets. That’s why it has a great 11 dog parks full of nature scenes where you and your pet can enjoy together. But, due to the shortage of space, the cats and dogs are only allowed to live on the 2nd and 4th floors of Lawrenson Hall. Also well known for their

3- University of Washington

This one of the oldest well-known schools in the country, also known for its insurance education programs, comes with an impressive four apartment buildings. Here the students are allowed to keep their pets with the owners. The campus is full of greenery with water and a huge number of trees and beautiful birds (though you might need one of these to keep the sparrows out of your birdhouse). Indeed, it provides the perfect atmosphere for kind people to get in touch more deeply with pets.

4- University of Idaho

When it comes to the pet program of the University of Idaho, then the students have to be careful here. There are just a few options to bring their pets to the university. Only birds, cats, and aquatic pets are allowed under special care to get into the campus.

5- Eckerd College

It is one of the most pet-friendly colleges in the USA, where the students can take their good pets with them. Moreover, they offer you to bring almost all kinds of pets like birds, cats, rabbits, dogs, etc. But the important thing that you must have to know here is that they must have to be under 40 pounds.

6- Stephens College

Suppose you worry about your pet, especially the dog, when you are away from your dorm room, like attending the class. Then don’t worry because here is the Stephens College that offers. The students have a full doggy daycare, as well as pet fostering. This can make you feel comfortable about your friendly pet dog.

7- Lock Haven University

Lock Haven University, known for its Agile education program, is one of those institutes that allows pets with students. And, it has recently launched its pet program after knowing the positive impact of pets on the student’s life. But, if you want to take your dog or cat as a pet into the campus, then make sure it has a minimum of 6 months of age. You also have to apply before taking any step related to pets in the college.

8- Sweet Briar College

You have seen various colleges that are allowing students to bring their pets. But they usually allow cats, dogs, fishes, rabbits, and other well kind pets. And, this Sweet Briar College is a unique one because it will enable you to take your horse with you. It supports an elite riding program, and with the help, students can bring their horses with them to the school. According to the policy, you must have to apply with a boarding application to do so.


We have introduced you to some famous pet-friendly colleges for animal lovers and students. However, it not only stops here, but there are also a lot smaller one. Schools and colleges in every country contain a pet program. Now, it’s your responsibility to use this facility for your happiness and good purposes. Because you take a part of your home and the special one with you, take complete care of it.


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