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We are dedicated to breeding the highest-quality Pomsky puppies possible, which begins by raising each puppy as a valuable part of our family. We focus on giving each puppy daily love and attention to ensure they become loving members of their “Forever Family.” We are dedicated to providing each puppy with early socialization and positive-based potty training. We believe this is an extremely important part of the puppy’s development and successful integration into their new family.


Greeley, CO


Point of contact: Brian Stotts
Phone: (970) 539-3110
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Available Pomskies

Customers can check our website and our GoodDog profile page for all available puppies and their status. They are also welcome to DM or text us for available puppies.

Or you can view all available Pomskies from all POA Members on our Pomsky Litters Page.


Our price range is from $1800 to $4800.

Delivery cost will vary depending on location and method. Please call for details.

Pick Up & Delivery Options:
• Flight nanny
• Pet air cargo
• Ground transport

We can transport your puppy safely to you via Flight Nanny: Have your puppy flown to your nearest airport in the cabin with a chaperone, via Pet Air Cargo: Have your puppy flown to your nearest airport in pet safe air cargo, or via Ground Transportation: Have your puppy transported to you via car or van.

What Is Included

We send our puppies home with the following:

Early Neurological Stimulation, “Welcome Home” bag, Dew claws removed, Sound and texture enrichment, blanket with Littermates’ and Mom’s scents, time appropriate Vaccinations and medical records, Food Starter Bag, Certificate of Health, Micro-chipped (Optional – based on location. Ask for details), and a free copy of “The Complete Guide to Pomsky Training – Pomsky Training from Start to Finish”

Vet Reference

Kayle Austin DVM
Austin Veterinary Services LLC
(719) 688-3694
23570 Weld County Road 44
La Salle, CO 80645

Open 24 Hours


Health Tests

Hip Dysplasia (rDVM): Hip testing reduces the chance of passing down hip dysplasia, which is primarily found in large breed dogs and can cause hip pain and the eventual loss of the function of the hip joint.

Elbow Dysplasia (rDVM): Elbow testing reduces the chance of passing down elbow dysplasia, which is primarily found in large breed dogs and can cause arthritis in the elbow joint and front leg lameness.

Eye Examination (rDVM): Eye testing reduces the chance of passing down a wide range of hereditary eye illnesses including retinal dysplasia, lens luxation, and glaucoma, which can cause impared vision or blindness.

Cardiac Evaluation (rDVM): Heart testing reduces the chance of passing down congenital heart disease, which can cause a range of symptoms ranging from trouble exercising to heart failure.

Patellar Luxation (rDVM, not registered with OFA): Knee testing reduces the chance of passing down Patellar Luxation, which results in the kneecap becoming displaced or dislocated and can cause mild to severe joint pain.

Patella Luxation (rDVM): A breeder may perform additional tests on their dogs that do not fall into these general categories. These tests may be more uncommon or very specific to a particular breed.

DNA Disease Panel: Embark and GenSol

Genetic testing reduces the chance of passing down a wide variety of hereditary diseases of differing prevalence and severity such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy (an eye disease) and Von Willebrand’s Disease (a blood disease).


Location: ​Greeley, CO
Point of contact: Brian Stotts
Phone: (970) 539-3110
Other Social:
Membership Page:



Misty L, Family and AxelPomsky Owner

We as a family absolutely love Pomskies!
My daughter got a Pomsky last year in April and we fell in love with him so hard. She is now planning on moving out of the house and taking her Pomsky with her.
My Husband and I wanted to find our own Pomsky after experiencing what a great breed they are, bringing so much joy and love back into this home. After all the heart ache of losing pets that grew up with my kids, I have been searching for another wonderful puppy to embrace this home. After some time, I luckily came across Monarch Pomskies on Facebook.

I saw that they had puppies available so I went to their website, found and fell in love with one of their puppies, Bentley! I reached out to them and immediately they got back to me, much sooner than I ever expected! I was surprised and excited at the same time!

Searching for Pomskies is not easy and finding the right breeders is even harder! How lucky was I to come across Monarch Pomskies!!

They are a genuine loving caring Family that raise Pomskys out of nothing but love and passion, providing the best quality and care for them. I know this because of Bentleys behavior.

We as a family feel so blessed to have received Bentley - now named Axel. He has brought so much joy and happiness back to us. He has the best temperament and affection. We can just tell he came from such a good family that raised him the way a puppy should be raised from birth. I would know from past experiences.
They care where their puppies go and they stay in touch with us, which is so important to both of our families.

Thank you for doing what you do out of passion and providing Love and Joy for families like us!

We are forever grateful to Tori, Brian and the family at Monarch Pomskies!! ♥

Bryan A, Echo and familyPomsky Owner

Hello Brian!
Echo (formally Benjamin Buttons) has been a GREAT addition to our family and we are so thankful for you, Tori and Monarch Pomskies. He is getting along great with our current dog, as well as all the neighborhood dog families. Echo is very smart and has been easy to train. He picked up walking on a leash on the first try! Thank you for your hard work in preparing him for us! Our kids love Echo, and he even gets to go on the trampoline. The numerous amounts of chew toys have kept him very busy; he loves to play!
Thank you to Monarch Pomskies and the Stotts family for our new fur baby! We appreciate all you guys did and made bringing Echo to his new home very easy and enjoyable.



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