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LJ Kennels

We are a small family-owned breeder in southern Iowa dedicated to raising unique and well-tempered Pomskies. Our dogs are well-loved members of our family and are the heart of our household. Our family has always depended on the comfort and love of our dogs, and we strive to help other families enjoy the same comfort and care that dogs have always given us. All of the Pomskies in our program are spoiled couch lovers, and we aspire for their puppies to have the same. All of our dogs are Embark tested and cleared. We are members of the International Pomsky Association(IPA), the Pomsky Owners Association(POA), and are also recognized as a Responsible Breeding Program by GoodDog.


Centerville, Iowa


Point of contact: Lexy and John Hedgecock
Phone: 641-856-7891
Email: LJKennelpuppies@gmail.com
Website: https://www.ljkennels.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LJKennelspuppies/?modal=admin_todo_tour
Instagram: ​https://www.instagram.com/lj_kennels/?hl=en
Membership Page: https://pomskyownersassociation.com/lj-kennels/


Available Pomskies

Looking at our website or facebook page would be the best way to keep track of our available litters! We update these two much more than other outlets.

Or you can view all available Pomskies from all POA Members on our Pomsky Litters Page.


Pomsky prices range from $1,500 to $3,000.

Shipping would normally be $300 - $500, though it might be more or less depending on the chosen method of shipping and the destination.

What Is Included

When you bring home an LJ Kennel puppy, they will come with all of their paperwork and shots(health record, records from vet checkups, history of shots), a puppy pack with puppy food, and a one year genetic health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.

Vet Reference

Our puppies and dogs have all of their vet checks done by Dr. McClintock at Country Village Animal Clinic. They can be reached by phone! (641) 437-7325.

Health Tests

Our pomskies are all Embark DNA tested, and are clear of all of the conditions that Embark tests for. Our vet does full vet checks the puppies multiple times, both when puppies are born, as they grow, and before they go home. Our adult dogs also get several vet checkups a year, and all of the moms in our program have several specialized visits both before they are pregnant to ensure they are healthy, while they are pregnant, and after the puppies are born.


Location: Centerville, Iowa
Point of contact: Lexy and John Hedgecock
Phone: 641-856-7891
Email: LJKennelpuppies@gmail.com
Website: https://www.ljkennels.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LJKennelspuppies/?modal=admin_todo_tour
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lj_kennels/?hl=en
Membership Page: https://pomskyownersassociation.com/lj-kennels/



From the moment I messaged LJ Kennels looking for a puppy to actually going and getting him, it was an excellent experience. Dasher (once known as Bruce) is now 5 months old. He is so smart and such a fast learner. We used the “bells” on the door to potty train him and he caught on within just a few days. He loves his crate and sits on command. He does so well at all his vet visits and loves meeting new people. I am so thankful to have come across LJ Kennels! If I decide to get Dasher a friend, I will definitely be contacting LJ Kennels again. Highly recommend them!

Danaica Brown

Pomsky Owner

LJ Kennels was fantastic to work with and we couldn’t be happier with our boy! From the first message all the way until we picked up our pup was smooth and they kept in contact with us and answered every question we had. We were able to see the parents DNA testing to ensure that we were getting a healthy puppy and he has turned out to be the sweetest, most gentle, and well mannered dog. LJ Kennels will be our go-to if we ever decide to add another to our little family!

Tiffany Jiles

Pomsky Owner



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