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Can You Trust Your Dog Walker?

By December 19th, 2023No Comments

Planning a vacation away from your dog pet or going to a long working day leaving your dog alone at home can be a scary thought. You might wonder what my furry friend will do when I am not around. Will the dog walker take care of my pet? Or will he leave my pet unattended? Is dog walker is safe in Toronto? These questions will haunt your mind if you have never hired a professional dog-walking service in Toronto.

Dog walkers in Toronto enjoy a good reputation. They are the most reliable person you, as a dog owner, will look upon for help when your dog needs some outdoor exercise. Dog walkers not only take your dog out for a walk but also ensure their safety. So, to answer your question – is dog walker is safe in Toronto? We have created a list of how a dog walker works. Understanding the procedure and its rules will provide a sigh of relief. So, let us get started.

Yes! You can Trust Your Dog Walker

If your dog walker does any of the below-mentioned things, you can trust him.

1. Take Dog Out For Scheduled Walks: A good dog walker is never late. He understands that you have to go out for work and reaching your location late would cause trouble for you. If a dog walker shows up a few minutes before the scheduled time, you know he can be trusted. Not only will he pick your dog up at the scheduled time, but he will also drop the dog off as per the schedule.

2. Discuss the Walking Route:  A responsible dog walker will take your dog on a scheduled and planned route. He will be aware of the route he is about to take and what is involved in the route. For instance, if the route involves crossing the road and public places like parks, you will be informed before taking the dog out. If your dog shows some peculiar behavior in certain places, like getting over-excited about seeing cars, you can point that out here and warn the dog walker of the same. In short, a professional and reliable dog walker will provide clear information about the dog walking routine.

3. Closely Monitors Dog’s Behavior: A professional dog walker understands that a pet can behave differently when away from the owner. A pet may show anxiety symptoms or even be overly joyful when being outside. The responsibility of a dog walker also includes monitoring the dog’s behavior and training the dog whenever required. A professional dog owner understands that the dog owner is busy with their work, so they take up the responsibility of observing the dog’s behavior and reporting the same to the owner. If required, the dog owner can ask the dog walker to train the dog to behave well.

4. Take The Dog to the vet in Emergency: The job of a dog walker requires handling more than two dogs at a time. So, there might be emergency incidents where a dog needs to be taken to a vet. Although this incidence hardly comes up, in case of emergency, the dog walkers are trained to take the dog to the vet and address the need. The dog owners are informed if a dog has to be taken to the vet in an emergency. In the absence of a dog owner, the responsibility of the dog relies on the dog walker.  

5. Dog Walkers Are Physically Strong: Most dog walkers are physically strong. They have the stamina to handle more than two dogs and sometimes ten dogs at a time. They are trained to handle the dogs patiently.


Dog walkers in Toronto are responsible, professional, punctual, and qualified. You can trust them for your pet as they are trained to take care of your dog like you will do. They discuss the walk route before taking the dog out. Moreover, they provide a good shuttle service to pick up and drop off your dog for outdoor activities. So, if you have been feeling guilty for not taking your dog out for hours of physical exercise, you can stop doing so, as dog walkers can do it for you.