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Best Feeding Advice To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Canine care is more complicated than you imagine, regardless of the breed you bring home. As a dog owner, you must commit to proper nutrition, regular vet checks, and optimal exercise for your furry companion. Together, these factors keep your pet at its healthiest best. Diet is the mainstay of canine health, but inexperienced pet owners often get it wrong. Feeding your dog properly need not be daunting, provided you stick to some diet rules. Here is some valuable feeding advice to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Know your pet’s nutritional needs

Like humans, dogs have specific nutritional needs according to their size, weight, age, and health conditions. These needs may also vary breed-wise, so start by understanding how much of which nutrient your pet requires. Once you know the facts, you can tailor a diet with a mix of natural, whole ingredients and commercial feed. You can seek recommendations from your vet to decide what is best for your pet.

Practice controlled feeding

Obese dogs live shorter lives, and overfeeding your pet can be the reason for its unhealthy weight. Practicing controlled feeding is the key to keeping it at ideal body weight. A controlled feeding regimen entails giving an exact amount of food daily based on the pet’s needs. Also, stick to the meal times because feeding extras can lead to excess weight gain, which is often challenging to address. 

Pick the treats wisely

Pet owners are often extra conscious about the canine diet but tend to go wrong with treats. Although dog treats are a part of raising a healthy pet, you must not go overboard with them. Essentially, these should make up only 10% of the daily dietary intake. Also, choose them wisely instead of giving random ones. A bully stick makes an excellent option for canines. You will probably have questions like what is a bully stick as a first-time pet owner. The healthy and easily-digestible chew treat comes from beef muscle and is easy on your dog’s teeth.

Ditch the table scraps

Besides choosing a dog diet and treats mindfully, you must ditch table scraps altogether. Although feeding your dog from your plate seems like an act of love, it can do more harm than good. You must remember that some human foods can be unsafe and even deadly for pets. Skipping table scraps eliminates the risks they entail. Likewise, it prevents the risk of overfeeding and unprecedented weight gain. 

Let your pooch burn calories

Think beyond the nutritional requirements when considering the best feeding advice for your pooch. You must also ensure that your canine companion burns enough calories every day. Schedule activity time and stick with it to facilitate digestion and prevent weight issues. Moreover, you get to spend quality time and strengthen your bond with your pet during the daily outings. Make exercise enjoyable by integrating playtime into the walk routine.

Dog feeding need not be about complex calculations and measurements, and even new owners can do it effortlessly. Choose wisely and trust your instincts to do what is best for your furry friend.