Pomsky Shedding Brushes – Best Shedding Brushes For Pomskies


Best Shedding Brushes For Pomskies

In this blog we are giving you a couple options for the best shedding brushes for the Pomsky breed.

Dog brushes simply groom your dog’s fur. If you also find yourself constantly vacuuming because of your dog’s massive amounts of shedding, then these shedding brushes will help you.

These are the shedding brushes that were recommended by Pomsky owners and breeders so you know these recommendations are Pomsky tested and Pomsky approved.

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FURminator – Deshedding Tool

The FURminator Deshedding Tool is my favorite dog brush. I’ve used a couple over the years, but this one by far worked best for me. This one is specifically designed for medium-sized dogs with long hair. Designed especially for dogs that weigh 25 to 50 pounds. It’s designed to remove loose hair and reach through the topcoat to remove loose undercoat hair without cutting skin or damaging the topcoat.

Here is FURminator’s description: If you live with pets, you live with pet hair. FURminator professional-grade grooming solutions make the pet owner’s home happier by dramatically reducing loose hair from the undercoat. Our deshedding tools, grooming tools and hair solutions offer a grooming regimen catered to any dog or cat. The FURminator undercoat deshedding tool for dogs reduces loose hair from shedding up to 90 percent with regular use and helps keep the coat dirt- and debris-free. The tool is specially designed to reach through the topcoat to remove loose undercoat hair and undercoat without damaging the topcoat or cutting The skin (when used as directed). The ergonomic handle makes grooming easy, and the Furejector button releases hair with ease. The curved edge conforms to your pet’s natural build and shape for comfort. Use weekly on dogs with double coats. This tool is for small dogs with short hair. Brushing and combing are not the same as undercoat deshedding. FURminator undercoat deshedding tool removes significantly more loose hair than a standard comb. Undercoat deshedding removes most loose hair before your pet has a chance to shed it on the surfaces of your home! Use FURminator pet products for professional-quality, at-home grooming results as part of the FURminator Ultimate hair reduction system: brush daily to detangle and smooth fur; DeShed weekly to reduce shed hair; bathe monthly to clean and deodorize; and collect and discard loose hair as needed. FURminator offers a full line of tools, shampoos, conditioners and sprays to make sure you’re equipped for all steps of the grooming process.

Pet Neat –

Professional Deshedding Tool

Some of our Pomsky owners use the by the Professional Deshedding Tool by Pet Neat. I have not personally used this one but it has great reviews, comes with a free bonus to care for your puppy, and has a money-back guarantee! We’ve heard from a lot of Pomsky owners that this is their shedding brush of choice. It’s designed to be used by professional groomers.

Here is Pet Neat’s description:

Put An End To Your Pet’s Shedding Fast, Easily & Safely With A Stunning Deshedding Brush!Tired of your puppy’s loose hair spoiling your furniture, floors and carpets?Sick of the thick layer of cat hair on all your clothes?Well, this is the end of an era!We are offering you a high-end dog and cat deshedding tool to make your pet grooming more efficient, effortless and effective from the convenience of your home!

Pro Deshedding Services For Healthy, Happy Pets!No more worries about persistent tangles and loose pet dead hair floating in the air!We are making removing burrs, leaves and weeds off your dog’s coat a one-handed operation, thanks to the premium grooming equipment for SHORT, MEDIUM or LONG pet hair!Mats will stop building into a grooming headache and removing undercoat and loose dog or cat hair will only take 10 minutes, leaving your doggy waggling its tail and your kitty purring happily!

Your Pet’s Health Is Our Top Notch!Gently stroke their hair, directing the STAINLESS STEEL teeth of the STURDY BLADE towards the coat!Offer your puppy or kitten DELUXE grooming services from head to paws, keeping their coat and fur healthy and shiny and stop excessive shedding while helping them relax!The STRONG, ERGONOMIC HANDLE guarantees precision & convenience without falling off or breaking for years and years!

A Stunning FREE Bonus!Get 1000+1 tips on treating your pet like royalty in the ‘Four Dog Care E-Book’ offered absolutely FREE of charge with your order!

Great Gifting Idea!Offer this heavy-use dog and cat deshedding brush to all pet owners to make their pet grooming ritual a breeze!

Hertzko – Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is another great option for Pomskies. This one is designed for long hair, designed to remove the loose undercoat on Pomskies, and untangles hair. This one is easy to clean, as the head detaches making it easy to remove clumps of loose undercoat from your Pomsky.

Here is Hertzko’s description: The Hertzko Self Clean Slicker Brush is the great grooming tool of choice for pet owners of small to large dogs and cats with short to long hair. Fine Steel Slicker bristles gently removes stubborn tangles, mats, and knots while lifting and removing the dead undercoat. With a push on the button; the bristles will retract into the brush making it super simple to clean with just a single swipe of your finger.

STEPS:1. Press & ExtendSimply push the button and you’re ready to brush.2. Hands FreeNo need to hold the button while brushing.3. Press & RetractPress again to retract bristles into the brush.4. Instantly CleanWith the bristles retracted, slide the hair off. It’s that easy!

Pat Your Pet – 2 for 1 Pet Grooming Tool

The 2 for 1 Pet Grooming Tool by Pat Your Pet is the best 2 for 1 tool that we recommend. This one is equipped with a 2-in-1 dual head. It has a 9 teeth side for stubborn mats and tangles, on the other side is 17 teeth for thinning and de-shedding. This is a good tool for both de-shedding and untangling.

Here is Pat Your Pet’s description:

Searching for the perfect Dematting Tool for your furry friend, but do not feel like spending time choosing the best variant?You don’t have to, we have done it for you!Try our Pat Your Pet Dematting Rake and get rid of all that nasty mats, tangles and knots. Get healthy, shiny and well-groomed hair of your furry friend!Mats don’t only make the coat look disheveled, but also irritate the skin and become a breeding ground for parasites. The pet starts scratching causing the mat to grow in size and the hair to get even more tangled.But don’t panic! Pat Your Pet will help you to solve all your pet hairy issues with New Dual-Sided Dematting Comb!BENEFITS & FEATURES

  • You’ll get 2-in-1 grooming tool – Dual-sided comb has 9 teeth side for tough mats and tangles and 17 teeth side for thinning and de-shedding.
  • Perfect for large and small breed animals with medium and long coat.
  • Stop pulling the hair out – Slightly sharpened blades smoothly cut through the toughest mats.
  • Reduce shedding Regular brushing removes excess dead hair from your pet’s undercoat.
  • 100% Safe for your furry friend – Rounded teeth ends do not scratch or irritate the skin.
  • Recommended by professional groomers for faster and more impressive grooming results.

As an extra bonus from Pet Your Pet you will get very cute paw tag for your cat or dog! Just attach it to your pet collar with your contact info engraved on the backside, and never worry about your beloved pet being lost.So, what are you waiting for? As you see, we have thought everything out, our dematting tool is just what you need!Have only the best moments with your furry friend and enjoy your clean house!

DakPets – Deshedding Brush

This Deshedding Brush by DakPets is similar to the FURminator. This is one that I’ve used in the past. It works well for long-haired dogs and does a great job of de-shedding. It’s one of the best sellers on Amazon (that’s how I found it in the past) with 4.5 stars and over 11,000 positive reviews.

Here is DakPets’s description: Our Dream is giving pet owners and their pets world-class pet products and care that promote a healthy lifestyle and connection with their pets. We know that many of you want to make everyday bonding more meaningful and memorable…and our grooming tools have been designed especially with this in mind! From humble beginnings in country Victoria where DakPets was formed, our products are now found in households right across the globe. Researched and developed by professional Pet Care Experts specializing in dog grooming and cat grooming tools, you and your pets will have peace of mind, comfort and best of all..Excellent Results!

Safari – Dual-Sided Shedding Blade

The Dual-Sided Shedding Blade by Safari is as basic as it gets. Nothing special about this one, but it works incredibly well. This is another one that I’ve used in the past. I used this for one of my dogs with medium length hair, and it worked very well. You will want to use this one outside though, it does not collect the hair like the other Pomsky shedding brushes listed above. This one simply sheds and strips all the hair off. I like to use this one outside so I can collect the excess hair in a pile for disposal (rather than spreading more hair around my house).

Here is Safari’s description: Keep your dog’s coat clean and healthy with the safari dual-sided dog shedding blade! The ridged stainless steel blade EFFICIENTLY removes loose hair to keep your dog and home Clean. It’s easy to use: simply stroke from head to tail and watch THE loose hair fall away. Hold the handles apart to cover large areas at a time, or hold them together to shed smaller areas. Use this shedding blade regularly in your grooming routine for a beautiful coat!

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