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Pomsky Potty Training CourseFree Pomsky potty training video course download:

Pomsky Potty Training Tips

This episode is brought to you from Doggy Dan, the famous dog trainer from the Online Dog Trainer team. In this episode Dan provides his top tops to potty train your Pomksy. You’ll learn the proper potty training schedule, how often to take your puppy potty, how to correct mishaps, and how to teach your Pomsky to potty in the same spot in the yard every time.

Potty training is tough, make sure you learn these tips BEFORE you begin potty training your Pomsky.

Potty Training Course (Free)

This article was written with the help of our friends at The Online Dog Trainer.

We are happy to have an incredible partnership with Dan, otherwise known as “Doggy Dan”, and The Online Dog Trainer team.

Dan and the team have given us permission to use his proprietary puppy training content and videos. He has provided us with videos from his online training courses for FREE to help Pomsky owners around the world with training the perfect puppy.

Dan provides us with one more free bonus. He is giving our Pomsky owners free access to his puppy potty training course. 

This free download is a great supplemental to use in addition to the above training article. I highly recommend using Dan’s free potty training course.

It’s completely free for our readers. In this potty training course Dan shows us how to stop a puppy from peeing on the carpet and get them fully potty trained. In Dan's free course he teaches us:

  • The perfect potty routine.
  • How to teach your puppy to pee on your schedule.
  • How to get “bathroom shy” puppies to go potty every time.
  • How to ensure complete success through the night.
  • How to keep your potty training on track.
  • How to train your puppy to go in just one place that you choose.
  • How to train a puppy to never have an accident again.

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