Pomsky Advisory Program

In the Pomsky Owners Association advisory program we are your pomsky research team. Let us find a pomsky for you. We work with a network of over 40 verified and reputable pomsky breeders around the globe; let us do the dirty work and the research. All you have to do is sit back and open our emails; we’ll tell you where the pomskies are and what to do to get a pomsky. 

With the pomsky advisory program you get: 

  • Priority email DAILY of every available pomsky so you never miss an update. 
  • Priority pomsky support. Email our dedicated email address, we’ll answer any pomsky related question that you have (we’re your advisor) 
  • Bi-weekly updates telling you which breeders around the world have litters planned so you can join the waiting list. 
  • Designated login to our pomsky portal so you can sort through the list of available pomskies. 
  • Access to our pomsky shoppers Facebook group to discuss pomskies and post updates. 
  • Eligibility to certify your pomsky as an official pomsky of the POA.

The benefits of the program are: 

  • Save time – don’t waste your time emailing every single breeder trying to find a pomsky. We’ll find the pomsky for you. Consider us your very own pomsky research team. 
  • No scam guarantee - we only work with verified and reputable breeders. 
  • Save money - we’ll alert you when a breeder has available pomskies and when the price changes. 
  • Don’t stress - we cut out the work for you. We do the research with our group of breeders and tell you when the list is open, when pomskies are available and where pomskies are available. 
  • Know everything – our team consists of over 20 pomsky experts including breeders, vets, and trainers. You have access to our knowledge, we’ll answer any question you have about the pomsky breed. 

$29.99 / $4.99


Please be aware - this is being sold at a Pre-sale price. This is a new concept idea and the kinks are still being worked out, this is why we're only charging $4.99 for the program. You'll have the opportunity to provide feedback on what you like and dislike about this program to help us improve. 

This is a pre-sale value. After the purcahse you will recieve a confirmation that your purcase was successful. We'll be in touch soon afte your purchase to setup your account.