Northern Lights Arctic Spitz Pomskies


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Northern Lights Arctic Spitz Pomskies


Many people sell puppies and there are tons of good breeders out there, so we know you have many  choices to choose from when selecting a new member of your family.  

We like to say that we don't sell puppies, we enable a lifestyle centered around Pomsky pups who are  ready to be a part of your pack. To do this, Northern Lights follows a strict Puppy-Plan designed at  minimizing hardships that come along with new puppies in the home.  

At Northern Lights, our Pomsky Puppies come primed and ready to enjoy their new families because  of the time invested in their physical health, potty training, crate training, micro-stressing,  microchipping, travel care, and long-term support for their safety.  


Our Pomsky Puppies are raised in-home with every effort made to ensure you receive a healthy and  well-adjusted pup.  

Both Pomsky parents are genetically tested through Embark© for over 250 different DNA diseases  with all results provided to you. Our breeding dogs also get OFA© testing completed at two years for  hips, elbows, and hearts. Because we know what genes go into our dogs, Northern Lights offers a 3- year genetic health guarantee.  

Northern Lights also goes the extra mile by ensuring that our pups get their first two series of shots  prior to going home. We strive to have the most protection possible against absolutely devastating  diseases like Parvo.  

Each pup is also regularly dewormed, has fecal examinations, and receives vet checks prior to coming  home with you. 


Northern Lights pups begin potty training as soon as they open their eyes. How is this accomplished?  We have developed a method that works very well because just like animals and humans, pups have a  desire NOT to do their business where they sleep. At six weeks the pups start to go outside in the  grass every two hours.  

Why do we take Pomsky potty training seriously? Pomskies are notoriously difficult to potty train, so  we believe that our participation in this endeavor from an early age sets them up for success in their  new homes.  

While we cannot guarantee that the Pomskies will come to you fully potty trained with no accidents,  we can guarantee that we have spent countless hours teaching the principals of acceptable potty  behavior which benefits you and your new pup greatly as they adjust to their new home. Northern Lights also offers plenty of advice and support to help you continue our method at home ensuring that your pup is successful in being housebroken in record time. 


Six weeks is also another important milestone for our pups. At this age, pups begin to learn to  separate from their litter mates for the first time. They begin crate training, first with a buddy, then work their way up to being in their own separate crate. 

One of the hardest things for new owners to deal with is the heartbreaking cries of pups who have no  experience being away from mama or litter mates. We take that burden on ourselves to help ensure  their first experiences in your home are positive ones that build their trust and faith in you as their  pack leader. During the last couple of weeks with us, pups will spend nap time and evening time in  their crates. 

We will also set you up for success by sending you home with a special sleeping blanket with mom  and litter mates’ scent on it to help give your pup comfort while they adjust to their new home. 


When you get your new puppy packet you will find a checklist that shows all the various experiences your pup has been exposed to.  

We spend time exposing each Pomsky to various experiences such as car rides, meeting all sorts of  people with different characteristics, hearing various sounds and loud noises, and interacting with  cats and other dogs. We also expose them to many different scenarios that your pups will find  themselves in, such as nail clippings, brushings, baths, and vet checkups in which their ears,  temperature, mouths, etc. will be checked.  

Pups learn best from six to sixteen weeks so we endeavor to be as focused and transparent as  possible in your puppy’s education so that you can pick up where we left off and ensure you have a  pup who can handle themselves in any situation. 


Northern Lights pups come to you microchipped for their safety so that they can always find their  way home to you.  


Northern Lights only transports your pup via a plane ride inside the cabin or in your vehicle with you.  

Extensive travel times and trips in cargo can cause a great deal of stress which can jeopardize your  pup’s health.  

Stress has been shown to reduce puppy immune response causing previously well-fought-off environmental bacteria and viruses to overwhelm the immune system. Regardless of how your pup  comes to you, we send them with other supplies for their safety such as a harness, a leash, a car seat,  and a water bottle.  

We want to ensure that your pup stays safe while traveling to their new home and we encourage  owners to always place their pup in a car seat in the back of their vehicle strapped into a harness and  not a collar.  


Another way Northern Lights ensure the safety of your pup is that we provide an extensive guide to  empower you with all the information you need to know to keep your new family member safe.  

Our guide includes a list of various outdoor and indoor hazards for your pup, detailed information on  various environmental hazards such as bacteria, viruses, hyperglycemia, extreme weather, and  practices that will help your pup live their best life. 

We also offer lifelong support for our dogs and are here to answer all your questions. In the event  that you fall on hard times or are unable to care for your dog, we will help you rehome them or if a  suitable home cannot be found we will take them back to ensure that none of our Northern Lights Pomskies ever need to be surrendered to a shelter. 


In addition to all the benefits and services we provide, as amateur photographers, each new owner  will receive a USB stick loaded with all the photos of their Northern Lights Pomsky Puppy from birth  to the day they leave our home. We want the new owners to see every step of their journey and feel  fully a part of their pup’s life. 



Niles, Ohio


Point of contact: Leah Pruski
Phone: (614) 598-1680
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