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PomskyWood Kennels

We are a family that is in love with pomskies! We only have a few of these beautiful babies that are part of our family, not just breeding dogs. We have 2-4 litters a year. We strive in producing quality puppies that are healthy for life and have great personalities. Our puppies are raised with small children and they are well socialized. We are located in Central Michigan in the beautiful countryside. We love meeting new friends and sharing our love of pomskies with you.


Sumner, Michigan


​Point of contact:  ​Brian & Tabitha Wood
Phone: ​989-388-1119
Email: huskywoodkennels@gmail.com
​Website: https://pomskywoodkennels.com/
Membership Page: https://pomskyownersassociation.com/pomskywood-kennels/

Posh Pomsky Toronto

When you adopt a puppy from Posh Pomsky Toronto, we do everything to make the transition as easy as possible for you and your puppy.

We are a boutique dog breeder located in Toronto, Ontario. Being raised in the heart of a big city allows our puppies to acclimate easily to any environment because they are used to meeting new people of all ages and hearing every kind of outdoor sound. Your puppy will get their first veterinary check-up and set of shots before leaving our care.

Our current sire is the rare-colored AKC certified Merle Pomeranian, Cary. We offer a deposit and non-deposit waiting list so you can opt to receive quarterly updates and obtain priority placement for adopting or to get the updates without the sequence (but still be on the list should we have more pups).

Puppies are priced $2,250 CAD and up, depending on conformation and markings. We also give you ‘The Posh Pomsky Puppy Pack’ which includes the best of everything you need to start life with your new Pomsky puppy, so you can just focus on loving your new family member.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Point of contact:  Rebecca and Ben
Email: info@poshpomskytoronto.com
Website: http://www.poshpomskytoronto.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/poshpomskytoronto/
Membership Page: https://pomskyownersassociation.com/posh-pomsky-toronto/

Pristine Pomskies

Here at Pristine Pomskies, we uphold a strict breeding standard and all of our animals are inside pets. We breed to achieve amazing temperament and health first and adorable markings second. All puppies are raised inside our home and are socialized throughout each day. We make sure every puppy that is adopted is a perfect match for its new family.

Our relationship with adopters begins with a phone call and lasts the entire life of the dog. We are always here to answer your questions and concerns about your new family member. This is a hobby for us since we only own 2 huskies. This allows us to spend more time matching puppies perfectly since we only have a few pomskies per year.

We pride ourselves in ensuring a positive experience!   Puppies from Pristine Pomskies come with a 2 year health guarantee, thorough vet examination, first round of puppy shots, health record, deworming, puppy food, toys, harness, leash, and blanket with their mother's scent. Microchips are available upon request. 


Charlotte, North Carolina


Point of contact:  Lauren Schrumpf
Email: pristinepomskies@gmail.com
Website: http://pristinepomskies.webs.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pristinepomskies/
Membership Page: https://pomskyownersassociation.com/Pristine-pomskies/

Purely Pomskies

We are a family owned business located in Northern Virginia. We started following Pomskies about four years ago. After seeing a lot of beautiful puppies we finally decided to purchase one in October of 2014. We had followed one of the pioneers of the breed (Apex Pomskies) and were fortunate to purchase one of their beautiful 25/75 puppies. From the moment we met Nola Belle, we knew we wanted to make other people happy by providing these beautiful babies. We purchased our female Husky for breeding just four months later and our journey began.

The dogs we use for breeding are also our pets. They do not live in cages; they live in our home and even sleep in our room. The fact that they sleep with us will most likely change as we add more puppies to our breeding pool (our bed is only so big).

We do not sell to the highest bidder. We require applications on all purchases and take great care when selecting potential owners.

Our puppies receive exceptional care while they are with us. They have 3 visits to the vet, get their first vaccinations, first and second worming, and come with a record of vaccinations from the vet. We do DNA testing on each litter and the results are provided upon request.  We also provide Pomsky Club of America registration papers on all of our puppies.

Our goal is to place the right puppy with the right owner.


Fredericksburg, Virginia


Point of contact: Mike and Christy Johnson
Phone: 540-446-4495
Email: purelypomskies@gmail.com
Website: www.purelypomskies.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/purelypomskies/
Membership Page: https://pomskyownersassociation.com/Purely-Pomskies/

Riverdale Aussies and Pomskies

I Alisha, the owner of Riverdale Aussies and Pomskies started off about 4 years ago when my mom could no longer breed Australian shepherds after having a major back surgery. I started off breeding aussies then bought myself a husky since I had always wanted one (Luna). Luna was bred to Rylee for an aussie/husky litter and did they ever have beautiful puppies! Riverdale Aussies and Pomskies only started this year of 2017 we had one Australian shepherd (Koral) and one Husky female (Luna) and she had already had two litters (not pomskies) we had seen the fad about pomskies and noticed that there had yet to be a breeder in Ontario. So we set off looking for a Pomeranian stud to see if we would even be lucky enough to have a Pomsky litter as breeding pomskies is very challenging! Not only was it hard to find a Pomeranian to breed to but to find a breeder that would allow someone to breed they're Pomeranian to a Husky via artificial insemination and in result of a cross breed. We had gotten a lot of flack from breeders when on the search finally we found the owners of River. Rivers owners were kind enough to let me pick up River and bring him to the vet with my Luna and do the procedure. They then made me an offer I could not refuse. We ended up taking River home with us and it all started! Luna was confirmed pregnant a month later. Another month went by and we were blessed with 4 healthy Pomsky puppies! We then continued to purchase more females which you can find on some of our pages. Boy have we ever taken off with new clients almost every day wanting one of these adorable puppies!


Long Sault, Ontario, Canada


Point of contact:  ​Alisha Vandermale
Phone: (819)-665-8083
Email: riverdaleaussiesandpomskies@hotmail.com
Website: riverdaleaussiesandpomskies.weebly.com
Facebook: facebook.com/RiverdaleAussiesAndPomskies/
Membership Page: https://pomskyownersassociation.com/riverdale-aussies-and-pomskies/


Click the button below to download a list of reputable Pomsky breeders near you and get updates about new litters every time a Pomsky is available.