How To Access Your Pomsky Advisory Progam Portal


In this quick video we walk through how to access and use your Pomsky Advisory Program portal.

Access membership portal here:

This membership portal is for registered Pomsky advisory program members only.

How To Access

Anytime you login at the Pomsky Owners Association and click the “Available Pomskies” option in the top menu bar, your upgraded account will show littler listings from over 50 breeders.

Typically, there will be Pomskies available from 20 – 30 breeders at a time. Although we check 50 breeders each week, we do not list the breeders that do not have Pomskies available (as it would be too much clutter). This page is only showing breeders with Pomsky puppies available, or Pomskies coming soon.

To access your upgraded view of the available Pomskies, simply login here and then go to the Available Pomskies Page.