Pixie – 2016 Pomsky of the Year

Pixie SZ Pomskies Voted 2016 Pomsky of the Year

Pixie – Voted 2016 Pomsky of the Year

Congratulations to Pixie from SZ Pomskies, voted the 2016 Pomsky of the year!

Meet Pixie:

Pixie is a gorgeous black and white piebald POMSKY with two blue eyes. Pixie is very playful and is always smiling. She is fun, loving, and is always the talk of the show. Pixie and an absolute show stopper with the personality of a princess. She is the sweetest puppy ever and is the first to want attention.

Pixie’s Breeder

Pixie is an SZ Pomskies puppy. Click here to see learn more about SZ Pomskies and to see other pomskies available at SZ Pomskies

Contact SZ Pomskies

To contact SZ Pomskies about available puppies:

  • Contact Name: Kanzaidy Frank
  • Location: McCallsburg, Iowa
  • Email: szrollingacres@gmail.com
  • Facebook: Pomsky Puppies For Sale in Iowa
  • Phone Number: 641-745-9939