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The Complete Guide To Pomsky Training:

Pomsky training from start to finish

The Pomeranian Husky can be a difficult breed to train. This mix between a Husky and Pomeranian is highly energetic, strong willed, easily distracted, and nippy. Puppy training is difficult no matter the breed, but Pomskies, in particular, can be extremely difficult to train if not handled correctly.The Pomsky Owners Association brings together a team of Pomsky trainers, Pomsky breeders and Pomsky owners to deliver the ultimate guide to training a Pomsky puppy. In this renowned guide we deliver tips, tricks and step by step instructions to train your Pomsky including:

  • The best method for Pomsky training
  • How to keep your Pomsky engaged
  • Teach your Pomsky commands (11 commands in total)
  • Manage your Pomskies high energy
  • Correct your Pomskies behavioral issues
  • Teach your Pomsky to walk on leash and off leash
  • How to potty train your Pomsky