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The Complete Guide To Pomsky Training - Paperback

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We've partnered with Amazon to begin offering The Complete Guide to Pomsky Training as a paperback. The paperback version is only available for purchase through Amazon.

About the book The Complete Guide to Pomsky Training is a must read for every Pomsky owner. It is a comprehensive guide to owning and training a Pomsky covering everything you need to train the perfect companion. In The Complete Guide to Pomsky Training eBook, Pomsky Owners Association details the tried and true methods used by Pomsky breeders and Pomsky owners to train the perfect Pomsky.  

The main chapters of this book include: 

  • Chapter 1: Method - training techniques
  • Chapter 2: Consistency - training schedule
  • Chapter 3: Engagement
  • Chapter 4: Command training
  • Chapter 5: Energy management
  • Chapter 6: Behavioral management
  • Chapter 7: Leash training
  • Chapter 8: Potty training

In this book you will learn:

  • The best method for training Pomskies
  • The best schedule to train a Pomsky
  • How to keep your Pomsky engaged and listening when training
  • How to teach your Pomsky basic commands including come, sit, stay, and lay down
  • How to teach your Pomsky advanced commands including paw, roll over, and play dead
  • How to manage the Pomskies high energy
  • How to manage a Pomskies chewing, barking, biting and digging
  • How to train your Pomsky to walk on and off leash
  • How to potty train your Pomsky