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Pomsky Availability: Pomskies Available

New Litter: No - Listings are older than this week (still with available Pomskies)

Number Puppies Available: 6

State: FL

Price Range: 0 - $1,000, $1,000 - $2,000, $2,000 - $3,000

Next Litter: None


Pomsky Type: Yes - Litters with 25/75

Pomsky Gender: Yes - Litters with males available

Pomsky Markings: Yes - Litters with husky markings


Puppy Time Emporium

I'm the breeder behind www.PuppyTimeEmporium.com located in Spring Hill, FL. Fulfilling our mission requires planning, skill and experience. Our decisions take into consideration the health conditions that affect the breed, and individual health testing. We consider the parents’ temperaments, health, pedigrees, and conformation, to make the best matches.

Our Mission
Puppy Time Emporium's mission is; to perfect our breeds, Arctic Spitz and Pomskies in Overall Health, Breed Standards and Desired Temperament. Fulfilling this mission requires planning, skill and experience. Our decisions take into consideration the heritable health conditions that affect their breed, each individual dog’s health testing, and considering the parents’ temperaments, overall health, pedigrees, and conformation in order to make the best matches, when bringing puppies into the world that are both physically and behaviorally healthy. When making decisions about our breeding programs, Puppy Time Emporium always prioritizes the physical and emotional health, and well-being of our breeding dogs above all else, including financial gain.

Our Health Standards
Puppy Time Emporium always puts the physical health of our dogs first. Healthy dogs produce healthy puppies, so it’s important to prioritize the health of our breeding dogs and puppies. We use breed-specific health tests that screen for genetic health conditions relevant to our breed, clinical tools, and 210+ genetic variants associated with diseases and conditions of concern for the breed (e.g., hip and elbow dysplasia, heart conditions, and eye diseases) in order to decrease the likelihood of producing puppies with heritable conditions. With over 230,000 genetic markers, our DNA tests detect inbreeding farther back in time, across more generations, than pedigree-based calculations. While health testing is a critical and important aspect of our breeding program, it is only one of many factors that we take into account in maintaining our breeding practice. We also consider other aspects of our dogs’ health that isn’t covered by health screening, such as allergies, cancer, GI issues, etc. We make sure our breeding dogs and puppies receive the regular and specialized veterinary care and nutrition they need. We ensure that our dogs are bred at an appropriate age (not too young or too old) and at a frequency that’s safe for their long-term well-being. We make sure our puppies are well raised and well fed, and provide necessary care for our puppies, such as vaccinations and deworming. We are always reviewing the latest research developments and updates in canine health and veterinary care and gathering information from consultations with veterinary and scientific experts, breed clubs, and the relevant scientific literature. Accordingly, we continue to develop new practice policies and we note that our community standards, including our policies with respect to the physical health of dogs, are subject to continual revisions as new research becomes available. Huskies are also generally healthy, but can be subject to a few health problems, including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, von Willebrand's disease, cataracts, corneal dystrophy and progressive retinal atrophy.

Mental Health Standards
Puppy Time Emporium ensures that our breeding dogs’ emotional, and cognitive needs are met by maintaining appropriate stimulation, activity and social interaction. We are also devoted to producing behaviorally sound puppies, by allowing our puppies have safe and stimulating early life experiences. We expose our puppies to different sounds and sensations, people of many different appearances and ages, as well as other animals, and beginning basic positive training. This makes sure our puppies are prepared for successful transitions into their new homes. We also make sure our puppies never leave their mother or littermates until they are old enough to easily transition to their new home, which is usually no sooner than eight weeks of age. Our focus on behavior and socialization is critical to decreasing abandonment. In developing our community standards regarding the mental health of the dogs, we work closely with fellow breeders, like an umbrella, we communicate heretical traits and behaviors discovered from observation and shared canine behavioral assessment tool, C-BARQ, of our blood lines. This helps in the assurance that our dogs are of the highest behavioral standards available. Check out our "Day in the life" section on the FAQ page.

Our Environment
Environment is a critical factor in the physical, mental, and emotional health of breeding dogs and puppies. Most reputable breeders provide their dogs with a clean, comfortable, and safe environment. Breeders who provide a stimulating, and enriching environment for both parents and puppies will help ensure their breeding dogs and puppies will thrive. Puppy Time Emporium specializes pets for the family. We provide constant opportunities for our dogs to engage in activities such as retrieving or swimming, toys to play with and things to chew, and comfortable resting areas protected from the weather. Our puppies live in our home and are treated as our own pets. They get regular socialization from our other adult dogs, kids and adults. Every interaction is a learning experience for them that can positively or negatively affect them later on in life. We go about our normal lives spending time together with the puppies around us as they would experience in their forever homes. Our job is to show them that people are kind and can be trusted. Animals are friendly and there are enough resources for everyone to coexist happily. We developed our environment standards with a focus on environment and family enrichment.

Our Buyer Ed. and Policies
The staff at Puppy Time Emporium spend a great deal of time with potential puppy buyers to help guide them into making an informed, responsible decision that is right for them. We share the possibilities of test results identifying 35+ physical traits, including coat color and length, shedding, adult size and more. We also spend a great deal of time vetting potential buyers to make sure each dog will be a good fit for their new forever home as well as being transparent about our breeding program and practices. We do our best to ensure a smooth transition to their new forever home by providing all the information and resources necessary for new owners to be successful, responsible guardians for their new puppy. Puppy Time Emporium makes a lifelong commitment to our dogs. We provide ongoing support to our owners and, should anything ever come up, We will take back our dogs and/or help rehome them, for any reason, no questions asked. We are committed to keeping our dogs in their homes and out of the shelter system through education, screening of potential buyers and our policies. Puppy Time Emporium has developed the highest, most ethical community standards in the industry regarding buyer education and policies.


Spring Hill, Florida


Point of contact: Dean Allen
Phone: (727) 597-0478
Email: PomskyPTE@gmail.com
Website: https://www.puppytimeemporium.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PomskyPuppyTimeEmporium/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/puppytimeemporium/
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@puppytimeemporium7080
Other Social: https://www.gooddog.com/breeders/wwwpuppytimeemporiumcom-florida
Membership Page: https://pomskyownersassociation.com/puppy-time-emporium/


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6 available pomskies, please check out the website to see all of available puppies

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