Precious Pomskies


Pomsky Availability: Pomskies Available, Pomskies Coming Soon!

New Litter: No - Listings are older than this week (still with available Pomskies)

Number Puppies Available: 6

State: KS

Price Range: $2,000 - $3,000

Next Litter: June 2024


Pomsky Type: Yes - Litters with 25/75

Pomsky Gender: Yes - Litters with males available

Pomsky Markings: Yes - Litters with husky markings


Precious Pomskies

Our #1 priority at Precious Pomskies is to produce healthy, well-tempered, superiorly built, and beautiful Pomsky puppies.
I am a mother, Registered Nurse, and avid animal lover! As a child it was my dream to become a Veterinarian, though that dream changed once I began shadowing a Vet at age 14 and soon realized I could not handle seeing animals suffer. However, I found another way of living out my dreams of working with animals, and that is breeding! I got into breeding in 2012 when I came across the viral Pomsky photo and knew I had to be involved! I began researching and found the Pomsky Club of America. I joined the PCA and was then mentored by the creator of the Pomsky breed herself before having our first litter as the 3rd Pomsky breeder in the world. Being an animal lover my entire life, but not wanting to contribute to pets in shelters, finding a breed that was so sought after and in demand was the perfect fit! And voila, Precious Pomskies was born! What first started as a personal passion, has now blossomed into a family passion that includes my kids! They are the best puppy socializers anyone could ask for, and I love it becoming a family affair!!


Topeka, Kansas


Point of contact: Lexi Schmidtlein
Phone: (785) 640-9192
Other Social:
Membership Page:


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6 available pomskies – please check out the website to see all of available puppies

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