2022 POA Pomsky of the Year Awards

Pomsky Name: Ponyo
Breeder: Moonlit Pomskys
Owner Quote: “Ponyo the F2x Pomsky from Moonlit Pomskys”
Pomsky Name: Jax
Breeder: Precious Pomskies
Owner Quote: “My best friend”
Pomsky Name: Bear
Breeder: Unknown (Embark test results prove Bear as a Pomsky)
Owner Quote: “Bear is a ball of energy. He has so much personality, he always has us laughing. We wouldn’t trade him for the world.”
Pomsky Name: Jake
Breeder: Runamok Farm
Owner Quote: “Jake is a floofy red/white wooly with one icy blue eye and a warm amber eye. He is gentle, quiet, affectionate, and absolutely LOVES going on hikes with his pack! We hope you love him as much as we do.”
Pomsky Name: Dutch
Breeder: Gem’s Pomskies Adventures
Owner Quote: “Dutch, gorgeous wolf sable pomsky.”
Pomsky Name: Theo
Breeder: Vaca Valley Pomskies
Owner Quote: “Hi, I’m Theo! I’m a 5th generation pomsky. I love playtime and treats!”